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  1. but I think insurance wont cover if anything cause got no safety sticker.
  2. Is it feasible ? Anyone done that before ?
  3. Is it cheaper to self buy or go together with renovation contractor to their recommended shops to buy ? .
  4. Does most reno contractors also offer help to apply reno loan ?
  5. 1st time usually space planning, after that wait for quotations right ?
  6. Is it compulsory to engage a reno contractor that is registered with HDB ?
  7. Is it compulsory to engage reno contractor which is inside the HDB listing ?
  8. You mean HDB sent you the floor plan, but I did not receive any floor plan from them except the promotional booklet. Or when you get the key then you will get the floor plan ?
  9. Should I source only when I have gotten the key ? Strange thing is that I tried to purchase floor plan online from HDB, but my address is invalid.
  10. Is it based solely on my income or combined income of me and my wife ? Eg 1) I am earning 3k , 6x = $18k 2) I am earning 3k , wife earning 3k , 6x = 30k max