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  1. It is actually a very brave design by your IDs. Congrats and I am impressed enough to say it is really different from the usual layout. Looking forward to the furnishing part!
  2. I almost bought the Unit at Block 788B, corner unit at level 6, facing the school last June. Quite upset with the agent as we are in constant contact and I did tell him we are waiting for our previous flat to be sold off before we can commit. The agent do not want to wait and close the deal 3 days earlier after we can come in with the offer. Oh well, those are the days, I bet now there's tons of maisonette unsold due to the drop in property demands.
  3. You can go to myhdbpage, under my vehicle and transfer the season parking to the new parking area via your preferred date.
  4. ahhh .... so the EM idea is off ...looking forward to the transformation!!
  5. Hi Nazza, A dryer is okay in my opinion. I did considered to buy one back then. I do realise it takes just overnight for my clothes to get dry, thus i drop that idea. But the Washing Machine area is small thou, you need to stack up the dryer on top of it and by doing so, you have to remove the existing wall mounted hangers. That's practically my concern initially.
  6. You didn't read my experience which I've posted here lolxx. http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/4853-mansionette-owner/?p=878133 One nice chatter sharing link here. http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/4853-mansionette-owner/?p=879890 My own experience when engaging Singnet
  7. Hi, We're neighbors!! considering there's only 4 blocks 7xx there and with Gen 3 Design. http://www.renotalk.com/forum/topic/4853-mansionette-owner/?p=889620 This is how and where I set up my clothes hanging area. Okay to be honest, not enough but at least it's not ugly.
  8. I faced the same problem with my products too. You had it sent before CNY? Anyway my items are arriving in approx 10-15 days time. Zzzz
  9. Hi EMYishun, Your's should be Gen 2, the squarish EM. Do check with HDB on whether if your Air-con compresser rating can be fitted into the Flat. http://www.hdb.gov.sg/bn25/isos119p.nsf/Search?OpenForm
  10. From your pictures, almost all of them are either covered by Roller shutter or a roof over it. U should not face much issue it seems with regards to weather exposure. It is those blocks of EMs near tampines mrt am I right?
  11. Hi Sherwinsm, I'm not so sure of other Generation Mansionette but I've noticed the rain (seriously heavy) hardly comes into the Service Balcony for my Gen 3 Unit. But the moisture content is really high thou; the area can feel cold and damp at times. I really think you should consider having the installation of your proposed cabinet at the Balcony on later dates, stay in for a couple of months first to observe. However if your proposed laminated cabinet is extended/ part of your kitchen; then consider using other kinds of material which can withstand the moisture. Bro Cleong is very right on it. Besides renovating a maisonette isn't cheap. my pocket still hurts and i'm only 80% completed at the current moment, ouch.
  12. I have bad experiences (not with ikea) with such mounting. The whole support dropped down. I ended up purchasing 2 Ikea pole support and use it as pillars for the shelf on the highest level. Probably will use this (if it is really good) as my next DIY project for my Study room Thanks!