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  1. Hi can u pm me your electrician contact pls thank u

  2. Hi I am unable to pm you. Can you pm me your electrician contact pls thank u!
  3. Hi can you share your blinds contact too? Are the Venetian blinds wood material? Thanks! Very lovely home!
  4. Hi I am looking for someone who can help to drill holes into my walls and fix up some shelvings...anyone has contact and usually how do they charge? Can pm me if you have any good contact?
  5. Bringing this chat back. My ceiling fan wobbles and we touched the "body" of the fan connected to the ceiling it is loose and wobbly as well. Shouldn't it be fixed? Can someone please advise. Electrician mentioned that it's because of the round brackets. What's Round brackets?
  6. True I doubt I will use hot water in kitchen sink but since already got the mixer tap should just install with hot water. Oh okie I also only using the industrial switches in kitchen but I also used it on the brickwall ... LoL japalang
  7. Hi Yolo, i got another question! did you replace the whole house switches to the industrial metal clad switches? if yes, where did you get the telephone jack as well as for the tv cable? oh yah....is your kitchen tap using mixer for hot and cold too? i realised my kitchen does not have the piping ready for the hot water...but i've bought a mixer...
  8. Ohhhh thanks a lot yolo and shibumi...in the end I think my husband prefers flush mounting instead :/ also cos we have a super tiny kitchen and very super limited kitchen top space...it's horrible. Hence he thinks that surface mounting may restrict our kitchen top space.. We are only using these industrial switches at our kitchen and dining areas for the rest of the house we are using legrand black&grey switches Yolo, looking forward to more of your furnished pics! Enjoy your beautiful industrial home!
  9. Ohhhh Icic!! okay thanks a lot! We have not showed it to the electrician yet. We have a nearby power source for him to tap though (from one of our fan) Wow your Reno looks really good! Btw I'm also using similar metal clad industrial switches as you but our electrician did not use the "box" behind and only connect the "top" part flush to the walls like normal switches. Guess I have to specifically mentioned to install the metal "box" part as well?
  10. That's really cool! I've never seen one of these before! You must be excited to have them on display now! Oh ya I wanted to ask about your doorbell. Why the original hdb doorbell located near the kitchen does not have a power supply? I'm gonna fix the same doorbell as yours! But the electrician has already exposed the wire meant for the doorbell which is connected to the main doorbell switch outside. Does it mean it already has power supply since its electrical wires? Sorry for the dumb qns
  11. wow so cool and you've so many of them! are they usable or only retro pieces on display? so cute..
  12. Looking good!! Just curious what are those round round things on your living bookshelves?
  13. Hi Anyone has any experience with reconstruction of a new door frame? I have one reconstructed as I changed the layout of my house and thus contractor have to fix a new door frame at the new entrance. However the new door frame is purely wood, and not like the HDB door frame with "metal" covering? Anyone did a new door frame in their house before and is this the industry norm?
  14. i bought my digital door viewer from taobao.................however.......i realised i face the same issue with the door too! its the same door!!