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  1. Hi, Anyone can recommend a good brand for microwave. Currently looking at Sharp & Panasonic....for convention and grill. Pls inputs your recommendation if you are using any good brand that has no probelm and good functions.
  2. ongpbr


    The last month I was there at their changi office and hear from the salegirl that there are shifting their office to somewhere Eunos industrial estate. The exact location not too sure.....
  3. U mean the fanco 5 blade give rise to problem or the height that give problem or your bf is too tall? Pls advise. I believe that hdb flat ceiling height is normally abt 9' unless we find a ceiling fan that has short rod e.g KDK 44". As for the Fanco 3 blade, the blade length is 48". But for strong wind it's recommended to get at least 52" and above.
  4. Since your feature wall is less than 10mths, I suggest that you go back to your ID or contractor who has fabricated this wall as I believe that carpentry come with 1yr workmanship warranty. Ask them to change the door hinge will do and not necessary to change the door.
  5. Hi Yokine9a, So far have not ordered mine yet...Actually still looking brand like Fanco 54" aluminum 5 blades w/o light kits. And also brand like Crestar and Amasco etc....Hw abt u, any brand in mind beside KDK. Actually, when searching for ceiling fan the first brand that came to my mind is KDK. Cos oldest brand in the market and i think is reliable. But after finding that there only have 48" and low ceiling rod which is superior to use for hdb ceiling. But only i dun like is the fan wind is not so strong.....might due to the blade length.....
  6. The disadvantages of light kits for ceiling fan is that it will have a feeling that the light is flikering as the rotating blade is mounted above the light kits. That is my sixth sense.
  7. U can look for this company WELLMAX METAL WORKS No. 9 Defu Lane 3, Singapore 539441. Service Tel: 6284 6735 Fax: 6284 6737 HDB Licence No.: HB-02-3464F Contact : Eric 90603055 I hope that will help you.
  8. Thanks the info for the AMASCO fan. Btw which model that you are using now and how much you have purchased. Thanks
  9. Their office is @ Address: Blk 1075 Eunos Avenue 6 #01-161 Singapore 409631 Tel: 6747 8727 (3 lines) Fax: 6747 8626 Email: pddoor@pddoor.com URL: www.pddoor.com And I believe that this the only office in singapore. As for pd door contractor normally the ID which is always price quoted is already mark up.
  10. Hi Bluefly, I think you must have got your ID to install your KDK fan. I believe that you need to get the qualify KDK techinican or the dealer technicain that you got the fan to install and calibrate your fan instead which I think there are more professional. If there are any problem just go directly to them. Normally, when you buy the fan it should come together with the installation package. Btw, just check with you, do you have the contact for AMASCO fan info. Can PM me. Thanks.
  11. Hi, Can i have the contact to get Fanco ceiling fan. Tks.
  12. Pai Sah sis, Thanks for the information
  13. Hi, I'm interested also, Can let me know which contractor you get for the a/m quote. Look quite cheap.....Thanks in advance.
  14. Sorry Bro, I dun get what you mean le??? Can explain as still new in this forum.....Pai Sah
  15. This is what I have known that we can obtained contractor price.......Btw thanks for the information.