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  1. I have this noise too at night ..but was solved very fast after i feedback to my Punggol towncouncil..they change the strength and timing of the pump. Kudoos to them.
  2. to prevent CPF OA from wiping out if taking HDB loan, just open an broking account and buy some stocks or bonds or pref shares in the market under CPF first.
  3. my Ktichen experience: for me personally biggest problem face are : 1 - How to get a Good a ID from so many around; majority salesmen are not professional looking and most look like Ah Bengs that look like they are out to rip me off Or will not entertain you much if your budget is low. After I signed up with my ID, i feel the breakdown of cost price actually are Bull**** as its actually the whole kitchen cost how much and use what materials ( eg. i am not sure why he recommend LianHin Quartz top vs Iquartz ? is suspect after that maybe Lianhin can bring him more margin and somemore i regret a bit because Iquart got more colors to choose from.) (eg. similarly there are so many types and name of Cabinets laminates and he didnt tell me which are the newest and costlier one ? same all ? or he pushing the older design one which can bring him more profit margin ?) 2 - Not getting Prompt respond from my ID ( half hour is my limit personally. One ID firm lost my tiny deal because she reply me back 4 hours later. She told me she in a meeting? i suspect later that she is just a junior Id and not really authorise to quote me prices and she got to wait for her Senior to get the the quotation for me) 3 - Complicate with the fact that Cabinets are made from Malaysia thus timing unsure and ID's co-ordiantion with subcontractors..and also I notice some Sub-contractors of ID' firm are a bit of Luck factor. ( lucky if manage to engage good wrokers (eg1. cement base (mine was slant by a noticeable few cm, but i let it go as its not visible when the cabinets are out up) (eg2 - the Quartz top worker came up 2 times to my home without knowing that nobodys at home). 4 - I had to call my ID few time what to do next instead of him calling me what he will do next. (eg. when the Cement base worker coming ? at what stage should call citygas ? or he should be the one calling etc ? i ended up having to pay $70 more for express citygas to open the gas because my ID didnt advice me in advance and do not feel like waiting 4 more days while the kitchen is ready now) like i say there are too many parties involve but i guess this is unavoidable unless the renovation company is a very sizable one with ongoing projects whole year round. Then they are actually can have their very own Base cement workers, Plumbing team, Cabinets workers team etc. The problem now is during peak months when subcontractors are busy with others IDs firm then delay will be expected or shabby work potential. so far this is what i can think of.. cheers
  4. so unfortuntate. if i were you i will consider the worst scenerio (and consult CASE and bang on their office often and name the ID firm here). I will get another ID firm as it will give me better piece of mind. You might get more problems and issue even if you decide to engage them from what i see...cheers.
  5. looking for those HDB shops selling cabinets, shelves, desk, storage pls let me know because am not going to Mall unless its valued for money.
  6. New Maxcoil user here will feedback after 3 to 5 years haha..
  7. Sometime those ID are at the mercy of subcontractors...then problems will arise more...and ID will take the blame by owners...
  8. I not the sort who will go down bang table one lor because its about attitude problem..and those ID, if not majority of them in industry, are something like working on their own..something like insurance agents, using their company name and contacts for contracters etc..so complain to me is useless unless its a reno fault or workmanship problem.. think most of the problem arise because there is no centralise team to do all in one..each one do their own..thus renovation will always got probem
  9. We got the same company but diff ID. Think because my Reno is below 10k nia my ID quite slack..got to ask and remind him sometimes not proactive usually..my ID knows his stuff actually but not very on the ball. I will not recommend mine.
  10. Dont you think so ? Wait for quotation.... wait for ID to get back to you promptly... wait for their contractor to confirm time to come.... wait for your stuffs like sink, hood, basin to arrive..... there are so many layers and parties involve... reason is a lot of parties involved are from malaysia thus got to wait and wait....sibei sian...
  11. the most u will get names but final cost depend on so many factors like materials you want and size; your budget ?
  12. I ordered my curtain for all my 3 rooms n living room last week. COST 1400 NETT. Using track pvc. Only living room with extra day curtain. Not sure how it will turn out.
  13. Its quite reasonable..u wan cheaper always can do so by finding contractor indiviidually but its all about luck..if lucky then reno will be smooth..u wan cheaper m sure ID can also give u cheaperm...they just use cheaper material maybe..