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  1. Hey Randy, yea I heard that the adding of additional power outlets in the house is WAY too high. My mom says she can get it for $50 per point, mine's like a 100... thanks for your feedback! will try to nego those items with them
  2. They didn't add in haulage fee? I just took a quick scan through. Pardon me if it's not in there. Yes it's a bit on the high side. I hope it's not Add (+) Space Design/lifestyle
  3. Hey guys, This is a direct copy and paste no-nonsense quote (which i LOVE). I do find that their cement base is a little high, and so are their power points. But... not too sure about the rest, especially kompactop. Any kompactop home owners PLEASE ADVICE! QUOTATION FOR RENOVATION WORKS S/N Work Description Unit Price Qty Amount 1 Living Hall/ Dining Hall a. Hacking of existing 1pc of L-shaped full height wall $600- 1set $600.00 b. Supply labour and materials to do touch up of affected area in cement screed finish $500- 1set $500.00 2 Kitchen a. Design and fabricate 11ft top and bottom kitchen cabinet in selected laminate finish and internal white PVC Finishing $220- 11ft $2,420.00 b. To supply and install 11 feet Kompactplus $140- 11ft $1,540.00 c. To supply and install colored tempered glass backsplash in kitchen. $34/sft- 30sft $1,020.00 d. Supply labour and materials to construct cement mortar base Kitchen Cabinet $350- 1set $350.00 Washing Machine $150- 1set $150.00 Fridge $150- 1set $150.00 3 Others a. To supply and install window grill **** room. 1set $476.00 Total 68sqft b. To supply and install window grill at Bedroom 2. 1set $238.00 Total 34sqft c. To supply and install window grill at Bedroom 3. 1set $238.00 Total 34sqft d. To supply and install window grill at Master Bedroom. 1set $252.00 Total 36sqft e. To supply and install window grill at kitchen. 1set $252.00 Total 36sqft f. To supply and install sliding window at balcony. 1set $432.00 Total 36sqft 4 Plumbing Supply labour to install 1 x handspray to MBR & Common bathroom $50- 2set $100.00 Supply labour to install 1 set of bathroom accessories each at MBR & Common bathroom $50- 2set $100.00 Supply labour to install kitchen sink c/w inlet & outlet piping at kitchen area $90- 1set $90.00 Supply labour to install water storage heater $120- 1set $120.00 Supply labour to connect washing machine inlet & outlet piping at kitchen area $90- 1set $90.00 Supply labour to install basin at MBR & Common bathroom $80- 2set $160.00 Supply labour to install tap, inlet and outlet piping at MBR & Common bathroom $90- 2set $180.00 5 Electrical Works Installation of Light $15/Light TBA Installation of Ceiling Fans $45/Fan TBA Installation of DownLight w/ Wiring Works $30/Light TBA Installation of Cove Lights w/ Wiring Works $30/Point TBA Wiring & Installation w/ Partial Conceal SCV & Data Point $100/Point TBA Hacking of Wall & Concealing for Concealed Wiring $100/meter TBA Installation of Concealed Points, Switches or Power Points $100/Point TBA Hacking of Wall & Concealing for Concealed Wiring $100/meter TBA Wiring & Installation Exposed Point, Switches or Power Point $50/Point TBA b. Painting works in Nippon Vinilex 5000 (2 Coating) Max 4 Color $1,300- 1set $1,300.00 c. Protection of Flooring $250- 1set $250.00 d. General Cleaning after renovation $250- 1set $250.00 e. Haulage, clearing of debris upon completion of renovation $550- 1set $550.00 f. HDB Renovation Permit $250- 1set $250.00 Total Amount $12,058.00 (Quoted for inside white PVC & outside mid range laminate based on $50/pc Cabinets & Wardrobes in Plywood, Incl. of Soft Closing Hinges & Ball Bearing Drawer Slides All Doors With ABS Trimming No Other Hidden Cost Unless Adding Item) TBH - I have no idea what the **** is "install 1 set of bathroom accessories each at MBR & Common bathroom" or what is "ABS trimming" plus i read that colour laminate is better?. And a few other quotes are probably unnecessary unless I plan to change the location of the sinks or what... at least thats what i gather. So minus here minus there probably still around 10-11k. PLUS electricity is like 15k? Which is actually around my budget range. Not too sure if I'm overlooking or underlooking. So for all you pro ppl out there please please let me know where I can nego and what am I missing Thanks so very very much. I will be on here pretty often as my house is coming soon. The building company said around Feb-Mar 2015. Appreciate much! Melanie
  4. Hi, I would like to know more about this ID firm as well! Please do share if you have any experience with them.
  5. Hi, I LOVE YOUR HOME!! <3 Please send me the contact for contractor J!! Anyone who has received Contractor J's contact, please do share with me as well!
  6. Thanks Bentan! This thread is real helpful, am facing problems trying to list down my "template" as well (I came to the same conclusion as you about coming up with a list and going to different places to get inputs then judge from there... but that's after I got cheated. Better late than never I guess.) Will be following!
  7. Hi NTR - I know that too now Yes, will definitely insist on getting individual quotes and will crunch numbers carefully. Thanks for your advice on the electrical points too. Hey Randy, Please do pm me your reno contact. And hopefully you're not employed by them in any way.
  8. Hey, I think your window grill pricing is ridiculous. It's just aluminum grilles and not invisible grills or anything. 1.8k for the whole house is WAY too much, see if they can deduct 500-800. Also for the bases with tiles, I have seen quotations at 110-120. 3 bases for 450 is a shocking amount. "Supply & Install 1 fixed x 1 casement clear glass shower screen at MBR bathroom - $650" << How tall and wide is your shower screen? if it's higher than your head and all the way from wall to wall, the pricing is reasonable. Overall, I think the ID is not honest about pricing, you may want to give them a miss. That's just IMO. Did you hire a large company?
  9. Hi marrythaigirlsg, Did you buy the IKEA kitchen? How is the quality? Any problems with it? I am thinking of getting their built in one but... Am unsure if the kitchen will last. I have an open concept kitchen, so if the cabinets and wood are falling apart, it wont look very nice.
  10. Hey Guys, I have compiled a list of items that I would need my ID/Contractor to do but... Am a complete noob (maybe that's why kena scam the last time). So what I have done is to list down what I need and what I want to do. If anyone has experience, please let me know if I'm overlooking anything, and if you've done something similar, please let me know how much your ID/contractor quoted you for the works they've done. Package or individual works also can. I just want a sensing on how much my budget needs to be, from HONEST and CARING people, rather than money hungry, blood-sucking unethical companies. Lifestyle: 1. Family of 3+1 helper. My little darling is turning 2, so I'm thinking open spaces and un-cluttered house, bright. 2. Health conscious, only frying I will be doing is air-frying... 3. Mummy and Daddy works 5 days a week till 7pm, will need to install CCTV to monitor the little one 4. Will probably not be shifting out of the house for many years to come IN A NUTSHELL: 1. Window Grills - if have budget invisible grills 2. Kitchen cabinet - IKEA anyone? Or will you still recommend getting the ID/Contractor to do? If have budget - Kompactop will be the first item i'll pump my money into. Backsplash necessary? 3. Electrical - Track lights definitely. Hubby thinks it's necessary to get more points than what is given by HDB. Suggestions? 4. Hacking of Kitchen wall - approx 2000x900 From RT quotations I saw seems like this is what I'll be needing in detail: DESIGN WORKS 1 Consultation & Design 2 Space planning & 3D drawing 3 Product & Material proposal 4 On site supervision & project management MASONRY WORKS 1. To supply & construct 50mm cement mortar kitchen cabinet base complete with matching HDB tiles 2. To supply & construct 50mm cement mortar fridge base complete with matching HDB tiles. 2. To supply & construct 50mm cement mortar washing machine base complete with matching HDB tiles. PLUMBING WORKS 1. To supply labour and materials to extend copper piping @ existing HDB copper piping point for new kitchen sink position 2. To supply and lay conceal PVC piping for drainage area @ kitchen sink 3. To supply and lay conceal PVC piping for drainage area @ washing machine 4. To supply labour only to install storage heater c/w storage heater stainless steel piping extension for hot & cold ELECTRICAL WORKS 1. To supply & run 10 nos. Of exposed lighting point @ living/dining. 2. To supply labour to install lightings (max of 15 nos). 3. To supply labour to connect 2 nos. of instant heater or 1 no. of storage heater. 4. To supply labour to install & connect 1 no. of door bell. GLASS/WINDOW WORKS 1. Supply & install fix tempered panel glass to master bedroom toilet 2. Supply & install invisible grills for all windows in house CEILING WORKS 1. To supply & install track lights for living room, corridor and kitchen. 2. To supply & install lights for 3 bedrooms 3. To supply & install ceiling fan for living room HACKING WORKS 1. To hack and touch-up partial kitchen wall. PAINTING WORKS 1. To supply & paint whole unit wall & ceiling with Nippon/ICI emulsion paint/ texture paint. CARPENTRY WORKS 1. To design & fabricate L20ft kitchen cabinet using solid plywood in laminated finish c/w 2. Length 10ft kitchen worktop by Kompactop 3. To install Blum soft-close mechanism for all cabinates/drawers MISCELLANEOUS WORKS 1. Chemical washing upon completion of work. 2. Laying of protection sheet before commencement of work. Does anything not make sense? Will really appreciate if you have any views. Am shortlisting a few IDs, please give me your thoughts on them as well 1. Rezt and Relaz 2. Sky-Creation 3. The wooden Platform 4. Fuse concept 5.SpaceSenseStudio
  11. Yea I know. What to do? How else to get the truth before its too late, all I can do is to state my preferences and a hard-cookie attitude up front first. Anyone has any comments on the following IDs below: 1. Fuse Concept 2. SpaceSenseStudio 3. Sky-Creation 4. The wooden Platform 5. Rezt and Relax 1 and 2 I shortlisted cause so far not many bad reviews but most importantly, i LOVE their style. 3 and 5 is cause of impression I got during the expo home fair knowledge they gave 4 cause a sweet RT forumer into his services to me, she did her reno with him personally and loved his attitude and work. Pray to GOD I don't kena makan again
  12. Hey Snowy, I'm in LOVE with your bathroom!! So luxurious. But my hubby dun like I'm into the french cafe look, black frames for EVERYTHING. like window frame, door frame, shower screen frame. So classy <3 But but but... My house coming in about 3? 4? months (in Feb 2014) and I haven't found an ID/Contractor yet... I got burned BADLY by previous ID Add (+) Space Lifestyle/Design. Desposited 2k since March and until now nothing has been done. Even the 3D designs they never change since I feedback all those months ago. I told them HDB tiles are Dark grey for kitchen and White for living room and MBR. their design show me white kitchen floor and wooden MBR.... stupid ppl still enevr change after many many rounds of consultation. So we got fed up and in the end, lost that 2k. $%@$@#^@ Anyway, went to Expo last weekend and met a dude from Rezt And Relax! And I can say he is knowledgeable about his designs and can point out flaws on the spot and is honest! (I told him I think open concept wardrobe is nice but... then he said Yea, hard to clean and maintain, else look messy) *thumbs up* honest guy even added "this display is to show off only la." Looking at your reno journey so far gives me a slight boost in confidence for hiring this ID.... but scared kena burn again I'm not doing a big big reno cause premium flat, tiles and doors already done. What if the ID slack off cause it's a small project? Still money to us you know!! Oh and btw, I ADMIRE you for being able to shop in Taobao, I ALSO WANT but like countryglow, my Chinese sucks. Went online to try TRY once. and like I could not even navigate, much less read reviews -_-" Hope my future ID can go online shopping with me. HAHAHAHAHAHA Countryglow- You and me facing the same prob. IRONMAN TOYS EVERYWHERE. Hubby is planning to buy more.. good god. Men. I did see this display in IKEA which I love cause it's glass with black frames but hubby says it's too small for this "X-Wing" (which is like massively wide about like 1m in length?) So i think we'll solve the problem by buying a display console for TV rather than doing up a feature wall... Then he can admire his toys while I watch my cooking channels. lol. Does anyone have a problem with the bomb shelter door? Is it ugly? Does it protrude? If it's freaking metal I wanna conceal it, but... don't know how...
  13. CultureShock: Tsk, these ID firms are really experienced in lawsuits. I hope u didn't pay much for the deposit? Same here, am looking for another ID/Contractor. But this time, I've learned my lesson and I was firm and strict to them upon meetup. Oddly, they seem nice and are not offended by my strong suggestions and opinions. "NO, I'm not going to be customizing my bedroom wardrobe. Definitely going for Kompactop and blum in (this ) color. Please send me quotations before further discussion, don't want to waste an hour here for nothing. You do realize I have a toddler, I'm holding my daughter right here, Why will I want to have a stair-like TV feature wall where she can climb all the way up to the ceiling?" (okay I have to admit I was pretty guarded and sceptical) And they actually did some follow-up services... they whatsapped and asked if we are free to send them our floorplan and when we can meet to discuss. Well, at least Sky and Cisscern did... If I do go down to their showroom, I'll update you on how I think they are like. All the best for your ID man, hope your replacement is willing to nego with you. Bepgof: That is actually a REALLY REALLY good advice. I'll do that and add a "are u planning to leave anytime soon?"
  14. Holy Crap. That's funny! AHAHAHAHAHA the poor worker has no idea what the **** he is doing. Must be thinking "why a mini door as a part of a big door? Singaporeans are weird" At least now you've got a proper doggy door. OMG. im still laughing. But I have to say, your contractor's seems like a nice man! Personally I kind of KIND OF know what I want for the house? mostly IKEA furniture cause first house and low budget. So I am considering a contractor as opposed to an ID (after being badly cheated by Add (+) Space Lifestyle/Design).. Please do PM me your contractor's details? I will probably contact him soon. House coming in Feb!