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  1. Congratulations on your lovely home and upcoming wedding. Everything looks so cozy. Good choice on the home decor bits!
  2. Hi owlNbear, Thank you so much for responding to my PM. Just wanted to echo what so many in this thread had already confirmed- Your bathroom and kitchen are both stunning and magazine worthy. I envy you your black and white kitchen, its absolutely beautiful. In addition, would you be able to share how much did you pay for your black frosted glass door for your bathroom. It would be a good alternative for consideration. Also, how many boxes of craftbricks did you get in total and how many boxes were utilized for the wall in the living area? Did you have to pay for any delivery charges inland? Thank you.
  3. Wow! lalashir, nice updates! Please give them coming. Just wondering where is the sofa from?
  4. Hi lalashir, Thank you so much for sharing these links . I am helping my sister with her renovation, and this is the third time we are asking J&E to help with the work. Have a great weekend.
  5. Hi lalashir, Thank you for sharing your renovation journey. Your house is coming along very nicely. Just checking if you could share the links for the following items. Black door handle Black toilet accessories (paper holder etc) Plumbing Accessories Rainshower Tap for M/bathroom Floor lamp Thank you so much.
  6. Congratulations on the completion of your renovation and you have one lovely house, everything looks classy! Like everything in the photo of your living and dining area, the sofa, the dinning set, the pendant light and the carpet looks amazing.
  7. Hi ownlNbear,

    Thank you for sharing your renovation journey. My sister will soon starts her renovation and is keen to consider a brick wall for her living space. Would it be possible for you to to share how much your contractor charges you for the 2 brick walls in your living and bedroom?

    Did your contractor provide the craft bricks as well?

    Thanks in advance.


    1. owlNbear


      Hi there, sorry for the late reply. The cost of labour for laying the bricks is $2500 for 31sqm, excluding the grout which I can't really remember, but might be an additional $300-400. I bought the craftstone bricks myself from Taobao.

  8. watzup

    Hi there,

    Your house is lovely and the workmanship of the renovation looks great.

    Just wondering would you be able to let me have the contact of your renovating contractor as I am also sourcing for a contractor for my sister?

    thanks in advance.


  9. Hi, looking to start my reno and hope you can share J's contact with me. Thanks loads!

  10. Beautiful home, love the master bedroom with its lights on!
  11. Hi evo, Could you kindly let me have the contacts of your contractor. My sister will be renovating her flat soon and I am helping her to source for good and reliable contractor. It would also be much appreciated if you could share your quote, the breakdowns on carpentry, masonry works, if not the full details. Also. love your blue and white bathroom tiles. May I know where did you get them? Also, the sink in the bathroom. Thank you for your help.
  12. Can I just say I love the gorgeous feature wall in your living area.
  13. Wow! Your house is coming together beautifully! Congrats!
  14. ZzzMonster, congrats on the move and thank you for sharing the contact of Vincent. You have a beautiful house. Love your dining set and the rocking chair too.