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  1. I'm actually looking for induction cooker.. Ariston is having a discount now but heard several negative comments on Ariston. Also, I'm looking for a 3 "burners" hob but not available for Ariston. Anyone with induction cooker to recommend?
  2. Hi.. I've walked around.. seems like Home ID is renovating several units in BLK 25... Any comments on this ID company??
  3. I'm 27A too!! 4rm.. think the floor plan for Jln Membina all the same... Anyone with spectacular layout wanna share... haha.. then whole block same design.... !!
  4. care to share which IDs is in ur final list?? Right now I'm getting a quotation from Moss Emmanual... ID is Joe... They seemed quite okie.. but saw some negative comment in this forum...
  5. Hi.. I'm new here... I have gotten Jln Membina but not yet gotten keys... Heard that some have gotten the keys... Juz to check, a lot defects found?? What are the things to look out for?? I heard my fren found a lot of defects for his Jurong hse...
  6. I agree!! I went thru' a couple of IDs.. really mental torture ... As for those contractor hanging at the void deck I saw some in Sengkang area... with those Ninja vans as shopfront.. For my case I my new flat is in Tiong Bahru area... so must travel further to see these contractors then they won't know where I stay... haha... Think there are also some showflats in Punggol area... Maybe will make a trip down to look look see see...
  7. Hmm.. I have been looking for ID for the past 1 months... Was asked by IDs to put a refundable deposits.. But they said that the refund is in the form of products from their supplier... ie to say u are given vouchers for shops that is affilated to their company... I personally don't feel comfortable doing that... As they might jack-up the price of the items that u wanna redeem.. Looking for the suitable ID is really a headache.. think word of mouth from ppl is impt...
  8. Hi.. I still haven't found an AD Videographer... my package does come with free photographer though... Any recommendations?? what is the average price for AD Videographer, with Morning express ??
  9. Thanks folks... no wonder their quotation so low... but doesn't matter anymore will definitely drop them... cheers... Will continue my search for ID... sign... really a lot of conman outside leh... Must open eye big big..
  10. Hi Anyone have experience working with Homeway design? Just saw their shop at Queensway Shopping Centre.... Just wanna check before getting a quotation from them...