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  1. Hello! I'm also from topaz~ but 4 rm. Going for a little industrial feel too. Loving the furniture u shared here!
  2. Thanks Jez for your pm! And looking forward to your last 2 posts~ you have a sinking feeling, we have a lonely feeling that it's coming to an end. XD
  3. Hi Jez, sorry to bombard you as well, may I have your contractor contact and quotation too? Thanks!
  4. Hi nirvani, I paid deposit with Best Tech too, for Mitsubishi sys4. Was also given flexibility to choose but it's between Electric Starmex or HI. =D Got Yamato insulation as well but I'm thinking if can change to 1/2' instead of 3/8'.
  5. Hi Jerome, Can I get a quote for this: SAMSUNG2 DR FRIDGE C / W WATER DISPENSER (GROSS 396L)RT38FEAKDSL / SSThanks!
  6. Notes a. Using Peeka for Taobao purchases. Aircon Mitsubishi Inverter System 4 (Still deciding between Heavy Indus. or Electric Starmex...) From: Best Tech Lights 1. Spotlights: lights 新款喇叭12W黑色正白 From: TB http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.5-c.w4002-2134020158.50.IcNjrZ&id=41780218036 2. Tracklights: tracks From: TB http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=19034637915
  7. Moodboard ~ Of floor and walls So we went to IKEA and fell in love with this homogeneous wall tile called "Rust"? from Hafary... would like to have it on our bathroom walls.