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  1. Hi Hazel, Have you tried to appeal to HDB for the cement screeding ? Cause i actually appeal for the cement screeding on the day i collected my key. HDB approved it and now currently waiting for them to start their work around march to april.
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  3. Hi,Can anyone recommend a direct contractor for mirror feature wall and brick panel wall. For brick panel wall, i would prefer the creative wall panel, its like a 3d panel wall with brick design and we can paint over if we decide on a change of colour. Crafted stone wall, i understand that it will be more expensive than the 3d panel wall. Basically i am looking for direct contractor listed below: 1. Carpentry works 2. Vinyl flooring 3. Mirror - Full height feature wall 4. Brick panel wall - Refer to the attached photo If you guys have any recommendations, do comment ya. thanks alot.