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  1. Haha okay! Do you need his number? I can pm you if you want
  2. Hahaha the places I went to was and they quoted me: Rezt & Relax (40k) Absolook (35k) Sky Creation (41k) In-expat (38k) And one more in bedok which I forgot the name Defong was never in my list actually. The difference why the price vary is due to each company's mark up and reputation. They have to get the materials outside thus they need to mark up for them to earn. But if you see the prices are very close to each other. And also of course the bigger the name of company means the more they spend on marketing. They need to earn it back too. I kinda know what I want, so to be fair i gave the same requirement for all companies. I compared the price from hacking to kitchen cabinets to wardrobe and of course to be consistent, all the same materials for each company. I was ready to sign up for absolook and even went to their showroom, until a friend of mine told me about Kevin from Defong. He was full of praises for their workmanship and speed. So I decided to see his house and indeed it was good. Then another friend so happened to collect her keys before me and also engaged Kevin and was also saying they're very good, so I thought of just meeting Kevin. I mean anything happen I have my absolook quotation that I'm comfortable with After meeting him, he was nice and super prompt! And again I gave the same exact requirement and the same exact materials and same exact measurements They came back with a quotation of 28k So of course with friends testimonials and I see it for myself and my husband also likes his workmanship we went ahead with Kevin I ended up topping up cos I wanted to add more things since I had extra budget. At the end after adding more things and upgrading materials used, I paid 29plus plus, close to 30k And if you see my Reno timeline, they were really really fast. On a side note a friend of mine went with absolook and she got her keys before mine (that's why I also end up shortlisting absolook cos of her), she started reno 2months before mine and I finished same time as her. Apparently her ID disappeared for a few weeks. Makes me feel thankful that I stuck with Kevin. I mean it could just suay, or bad luck and not everybody at absolook is like that, but still there's that fear and risk So yeah that's how it went And thank you! We liked the combi of our kitchen too!
  3. RENOVATIONS OVER Yes keys has been handed over and we're done with renovations! We cleaned up over the weekend and scheduled for all the appliances to be delivered this week. City Gas would be coming to install our cooker hob so we can start cooking! Here are the finish photos after cleaning up So here is the living room after we literally washed every corner. Super satisfied! And this is our kitchen. We scrubbed and cleaned every corner Feature wall is newly painted too! Can't wait to put our tv on it! Our 'walkway' is so warm and romantic And finally showered on my new toilet! Yes that's me taking a selfie with my rain shower Can't wait to fill this house!!
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  11. Hehe yeah! Something cheery and colorful but not like 'clown-ish' hahaha
  12. Hey!! Do you happen to stay on the 15th floor of 673B? Hehe Cos my neighbor opposite has the same ID as me as well
  13. Kitchen done and Mirrors up! As for kitchen, we went with the color of Maroon and grey (though it looks black on the photo). We wanted the kitchen to be a different 'feel' from the rest of the house. We really liked the color combination As for the materials, we used Quartz for our kitchen top and Blum for the hinges so it's all soft closing Mentioned before, due to limited kitchen space, we could only have smaller sink (single bowl), smaller cooker hob and hood. We bought the brand EF. It's an Italian brand and it's the only one with smaller dimensions besides Teka. But we heard a lot of scary stories on Teka so we went with EF instead. Bought our Cooker hob and hood and oven from Mega Discount Store. Oven also EF We also placed a mirror on the living hall. We didn't go for the full height, mainly cos we're too lazy to clean hahaha and I think it's enough to have the "look bigger' effect. And we love how the reflection of the chandelier bounces on the reflection!
  14. Hi for which one? For the kitchen it looks something like this: As for the walk - in wardrobe it's this: Hope this helps!
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  20. Same! Just doing some cleaning up. Almost there The photos for the lights are up! Hahaha I'm like spamming
  21. Carpentry and Toilet completed! So the carpentry is done. I have managed to take photo of everything except kitchen! Hahaha I was soooo excited! Let the photos do the talking! The Shoe cabinet The Feature Wall The super huge wardrobe! Have more reasons to shop now! As for the toilet, we bought everything needed from Poh Joo. Service was awesome as well! We bought: Kitchen sink Kitchen Tap Toilet Basin Toilet tap Rain Shower Towel racks for both toilet Bidet spray for two toilets 2 tissue holder 25L Joven Storage Heater Our Rain shower in action Vanity corner up! Our tap is the waterfall tap and black basin is so nice Storage heater located at common toilet Sink and tap. Due to limited space we can only get single bowl sink but it's good enough for now!
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