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  1. Yeah we like white too. Our cabinets will be white and timber-style laminates, the pale light kind. Our contractor said pure white cannot be achieved because of the green undertone that normal glass has. There is Crystal Glass which is pure white, but it will cost around $50 psf which is many times over normal glass. Looking at the Nippon Paint Chart we shortlisted 1199 (Sail White), 3157 (also called Sail White), and 5075 (Swansdown, greyish off-white) Really unsure how the paint will look like with the green glass over. This is most ideal! But my contractor said only Crystal Glass can achieve this level of white. Nice light blue. We like this one - but don't know what is the colour code.. This tone is too dark for us. I believe the paint colour is white. The greenish tone is from the glass. Clean look. Will be happy with this. Can't seem to find a thread with paint colour codes and their results on glass backing. Hope some kind souls can share their experience (hopefully with some pics!), and this thread can be a good reference for current and future renovators doing glass backing.
  2. Hi everyone, we are doing our kitchen renovation now and our contractor is asking us to choose a paint colour for our kitchen glass backing. Understand that there will be a greenish tint because of the glass' own colour. Can any kind soul share with us what colour you chose for the glass backing? Some photos will be great! Thanks in advance!