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  1. I would recommend you to get in touch with a contractor to get an estimate.
  2. You can check online stores like ebay or any window treatment company in your location.
  3. Na, there is no risk at all. It will just take a bit longer ... than usual. Go ahead.
  4. Check furnitures stores and home accesories outlets.. Where are you located?
  5. why don't you go for Low-E glass? It works much better than window films.
  6. Did you check the online stores? Rough wallpapers are in trend these days, I am sure you can get one easily. Good luck!
  7. There are loads of stores offering discounted mattresses. but make sure you buy only the branded ones.. You can also check online for the options.
  8. Rattan furniture is a really good option. It needs only a little maintenance (wiping or dusting). No problems of termites. Just keep it away from moisture.
  9. Many stores offer discounts on their products. You just need to stay updated with latest offers. Anyway, it is sweet deal you got!
  10. Hi DwayneTan5, you can check out a local thrift store. You can get furniture at less than half price there. You can also visit other furniture outlets and see if they can offer you good discounts.