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  1. WTS two (2) bidet/hand sprays bought from Taobao. Reason for selling is that they are no longer necessary - contractor wrongly informed us that we can retrofit a bidet spray and later told us that it cannot be done. URL:http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=19617729569&spm=a1z09.2.9.32.ajOSfw&_u=ko8uuaq9217 Selling both for $54 without postage. PM if interested, thanks.
  2. Hi, what I meant was that sometimes the management committee is just unwilling to take a position. At my condo, officially, decking is not allowed. If you apply for decking in your reno permit, it will be rejected. However, over the phone, the rep basically said not to mention it in my application. Based on your choice of words, it sounds like your condo MC cannot accede to your request, but is not straight out rejecting you as well. If you do it, they might close one eye. I look around my condo and see people who flout the guidelines even more blatantly, e.g. outdoor blinds that are not the standard colours, clothes rail in the balconies, but everyone close one eye bah.
  3. not in the position to accede means they will not accept nor reject? like decking?
  4. After getting a dishwasher, what is the dishwashing detergent you use? I have been looking on Amazon and realise that their prices are much cheaper than local prices (looking at Finish brand). However, mine is only a compact countertop dishwasher (Bosch - 6 place setting) - I believe that 1 dishwasher detergent tablet is overkill since Singapore has relatively soft water and my dishwasher is only compact. Not only is it more expensive, it might not be good for my dishwasher to overuse detergent. For other compact dishwasher users, do you use a full tablet or a half tab? Or do you separately put dishwasher detergent powder/gel and rinse aid? Any recommended brand? I think Finish is quite heavily promoted here (by Bosch as well), and they have good reviews on Amazon as well, alongside brands like Cascade and greener brands like Seventh Generation.
  5. I hired a contractor for my mini renovation of a 2BR condo but if I had to choose again, I would handle the sub-cons myself. My contractor barely turned up. Think only on the pre-reno visit and first day. Basically he sourced for people and made phone calls only. Most of the time, I am the one inspecting the place, pushing him adn subcontractors along, checking workmanship, even finding out that the paint used for wrong (much cheaper than what we agreed). He is okay with changing, but if I had not noticed how? Granted, I did not have to do carpentry, so it was basically just: -decking -invisible grilles (with cat welfare society membership, LeHome gave 10% off) -feature wall (I hired a wood panelling company to panel up a wall - CT Wood - PM me for details) -blinds -electrical -minor plumbing If you know the order of things, then good. One plus point I can see is that the electrician came after the painter painted the bedroom walls black, and ended up leaving scruffy white marks all over the wall and the painter repainted the entire room. If anything, I can say it is (i) contractor's fault for not coordinating the order properly, or (ii) contractor's fault for not instructing electrician to be more careful. Anyway, the cheapo paint was used, hence the scruff marks. I believe if the higher end Nippon Odourless was used the marks can be wiped off without trace on the wall.
  6. I bought a new apartment with my boyfriend recently. Prior to our acquisition and renovation, the place is bare since TOP, which means it was not stayed in for about 6 months. We are not religious/superstitious people, so we didn't really bother about auspicious days to step into the new house, start renovation and end renovation (although technically we will be putting some kitchen/bathroom accessories so renovation has not ended, going by my research?). Somemore, I have already started moving our things into the new house. Thing is, my boyfriend's mother wants us to move in after chinese new year, saying she will invite a shifu to purify the house for us and do the stove ceremony and everything. She assured us that we can still entertain our friends at the new house. IMO, a shifu is not really necessary right? I see the other forummers can just do the ceremony themselves. That is if we even want to do it since it's weird that we have not done it previously but only starting now. Another thing is, is it true that I can entertain at the new house before we do the ceremony? By this I mean: (1) inviting friends to play mahjong (2) inviting friends to hang out there (3) inviting friends for dinner (4) us just hanging out there (5) cooking? is it allowed? i.e. can we use the stove, and if cannot, if we do steamboat and stuff without using the stove but using an electric pot, is that fine?
  7. Hi Rachel, How's the dishwasher? Trying to get my contractor to install the same dishwasher like you too!
  8. Thanks for all your tips and suggestions. One solution can be to get a multipurpose/ metal (pipe and cable) detector (not the treasure seeking kind!) from a hardware store - I think about $100? Do I need a hammer drill (for drilling into concrete) or will a normal drill do? Hammer drill is more ex. Ikea has a cordless one (FIXA) for less than $150, thinking about just getting that to gao dim. Will hammer drill crack the tiles more easily than normal drill? w7_lee, did you install yours on tiled wall or normal wall? Any special thing to do for tiled walls?
  9. Anyone tried? The labour seems quite expensive - but not sure why no one on the forum installs their own accessories, or are there risks I am not aware of? Looked at some Youtube videos, looks like all you need is masking tape, pencil, drill and wet sponge.
  10. Hi Huiqing, can I have your electrician's contact please? thanks!