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  1. @bcboon hello! sorry for the late reply! My contractor got it from Excel I remember they have various combination and sizes available. All PMs sent as well!
  2. Thank you! We only did the headboard only because the walls behind the bed was not even hence instead of just plain box up decided to do a half height headboard mainly to level up the walls and also because we shifted our TV points so to hide the wirings as well. But it does not have any storage feature and we placed our bed without any bedframe Thank you!!
  3. Hello! Not much changes for our place, still stay almost the same. Except more cluttered
  4. All PMs sent and replied! Happy Chinese New Year everyone! We had a blast at our house celebrating the first CNY at our new home. Huat ah!
  5. Hello everyone! Been a long time since I log in to this forum. We had settled down very comfortably in our home and still loving every corner of our home! I received some PMs to check how are the items holding up for our home especially Taobao stuffs. Just thought I should post some move in updates on the stuffs that we had bought for our home. Most of the stuffs that we bought from taobao are still holding up really well! - TV console, Dining table and chairs definitely still is real good condition. - Stainless steel stuff from Taobao, the bidet spray had some tiny spot of rust forming. The common toilet basin set that I bought, the tap that came with it had some rust spots and looks really dull which I just can't stand it anymore and bought a Grohe tap locally to replace it. The water trap also has rust spots forming. Rainshower, MBR basin set and Kitchen tap are all good! So I guess it's more of a hit and miss thing for Taobao's stainless steel stuffs. - All the lightings are still working very well for us as well as the bulbs that we had got from taobao they are still working! - We finally changed our default HDB toilet bowls. I think it is one of the best choice ever! The default HDB toilet bowls are so small hence comfort level isn't really good and the flushing power is really so weak that we have to flush 2 or 3 times to get rid of the stuffs which is really irritating. Bought 2 Baron 888 WC from Heritage and got their recommended plumber to change it for us. The plumber charges is definitely much lower than J&E's plumber and they had used cement to seal up the toilet bowl instead of silicone which was used by J&E's plumber previously. Cement seal up is more resistant to dirt and mould hence it is easier to maintain! Had read before some people feedback that the WC's flushing power is not very strong but no issues for us! It's working pretty well. Sometime back, I called up Heritage to feedback that the toilet seems to have a little bit of leakage and rust coming out from the toilet seat steel fittings and they said that they will get Baron to come down to check, the service is very prompt! They came down the next day to check. After inspecting the staff said that it is not leakage but is normal as their WC will trap some leftover water after flushing hence it may flow down and they also changed the rusty toilet seat steel fitting without any charge. I found out that it is turning rusty because the husband had been using bleach to clean the toilet bowls As for J&E, they are still very responsive after the handover! Our sliding shoe cabinet has some issues as it can't slide out smoothly and they had came down to replace it after we had feedback to them. Some post move in picture updates Put up a picture wall for the dining area which was previous empty Picture wall for the walkway We got a armchair for our living room and all our guests love this armchair! It's so comfortable! Realized that I did not really post up pictures of the MBR, here it goes! Most of our guests are very interested in our Vento Fino 2 fan everyone thinks that it looks really cute it does not just look good they are also impressed on how strong the wind is!
  6. hello! the console's link is https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=521339049048&spm=a1z09.2.0.0.tEkA3h&_u=42gkn51tc401&sku_properties=29112:97926 as for the hexagon frames, we got it customized in bangkok and handcarry back hence no links to share PM sent
  7. Hi! Sorry for the late reply, hope it is still in time. We are using Vento Fino 2 and it is "powerful" enough for us! We don't usually on aircon and use the fan when we sleep and at speed medium (there are 3 fan modes for Vento fino) it is very strong and cooling. But do take note that if you and your other half are tall ppl really do not recommend this fan. Hello! The sliding door are frosted glass panels. It is not very heavy kind but not flimsy light kind as well. For the furry stuff so far we need living here for 2 months+ no signs of wear and tear at all so not too sure how long will it last in the long run. Dropped you a pm Pm sent. Hello, yeah they do sliding wardrobes. I had it in my mbr. Dropped u a pm Hello, it's magnetic chalkboard done by my contractor.
  8. Very looking forward to see your Reno progress! The toilet's mood board looks super nice! Love it! We we also went for Starmex 2 ticks because we were told that the 5 ticks one is not as cooling as 2 ticks and 2 ticks is cheaper so we just went for it! We selected this just because seems like it's one of the most popular choices among home owners. So far the aircon were all very cooling and quiet! We got Bosch for hood, hob and oven. Hood is the slimline hood and I think the suction is not really super power kind. On one of the weekends I was doing some cooking for family who came over for dinner and I could still smell the cooking smell in the living room the next morning. But maybe because I did not close the kitchen door at all times as there are ppl walking in and out of kitchen and sometimes forgotten to close when I am cooking. But very happy with the hob! We got a 3 cooker tempered glass cooker and the length is 78.5cm as compared to the common 90cm. I totally agree with bykaraanne that it is a wise choice to choose a shorter hob because table top space is so sacred in new houses! The hob part is almost all covered in case you have soupy stuffs that spills out it will not sink in to the "holes" hence it is very easy to clean! The flame is also very strong compared to my maiden's house cooking is a breeze now the city gas guy who came to activate the gas for us said this is a good hob too as it has the safety feature that if there is gas leakage, the hob will shut off the gas automatically. The hob uses electricity to light up instead of battery which I like because no need to be afraid that the battery will melt inside the hob. As as for the oven no complaints so far after using a few times though I am still learning on how to use all the functions haha! Opps so sorry for my lengthy post
  9. Thank you! We were neglecting the wedding preps and focus all on the house instead haha! Too busy to do so many things Can't wait to see your blog! The whole renovation process is really very exciting! I enjoyed myself a lot throughout the whole renovation! Good luck for your renovations! Pm sent Hello! To be honest, the dressing table is meant for my mum so I don't use it but cosmetics wise, it did have a few hairline scratches when came other than that it looks rather perfect! Only thing is I wish there are soft closing mechanism for the hidden mirror. Hi sorry! The link is broken because I bought it quite sometime back maybe can try searching on taobao there are quite a lot of sellers selling fairy lights on taobao
  10. Hello! We did not engage FSM as that is like almost the only place that we have to place an altar. As it belongs to my mum she said its fine no need for FSM so we just go with it! But the altar is facing my window and the view is rather unblocked. Dropped you a PM Dropped you a PM Thank you so much! The wedding is finally over! now is time to finish up all the decor stuffs and prepare for housewarming!
  11. Have you tried doing business on your new WC yet? My hubby cannot stand the lousy HDB WC anymore and we had decided to change both our WC! can you share how much you get the WC from heritage? Thank you!
  12. Hello! Your kitchen looks really lovely! Love the grey laminates and sleekness of kompacplus. Totally understand your issue on the lighting point! Initially our dining light point location and kitchen oven was somewhat not in center too due to some miscommunication and it just feel weird to see it that way luckily it was shifted easily. Hope you resolve your issue soon
  13. Hello! Thanks for reading my humble blog! The links as below, Dining Bench: https://world.tmall.com/item/522639658503.htm?id=522639658503&spm=a1z09.2.0.0.RrAV5m&_u=h2gkn51tbb18 Dining Chairs: https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=520918360938
  14. Hi! Thank you! Dropped you a pm for the contacts as for the scopes of our Reno, it includes overlay mbr toilet, vinyl for living room, carpentry for mbr toilet, mbr wardrobes + dressing table, common room wardrobe, shoe + altar carpentry, kitchen carpentry and electrical. Hello! I got it from Elmark's Singapore website! I don't have them anymore you can try to search from their website Hello! Thank you! Are you referring to those fairy lights decorations on the tv console? I DIY-ed them.
  15. Pm sent! Pm sent! Pm sent! The sofa is from Castlery and dining table and chairs I bought all pieces separately from taobao.
  16. Hi! The contractor will not give you tiles sample but when your contractor brings you to the tile shop the shop will be giving you the samples. They are all very friendly! Even if I walked in without my contractors, they still entertained me and gave me a lot for samples. Hi! Which ledge are you referring to? The white picture ledge on first and last picture? If you are referring to those, they are from ikea!
  17. Cheaper version from Taobao! though not so pro with mapping memory etc, but good enough to vacuum hair and dust hahaha! Thank you so much! I'm sure yours will be nice too! Read about your common toilet tiles crack issue hope BSC settle the issue for u soon! Thank you for your compliments!! Your home definitely will be very cozy too! The little buckets of flowers were dried flowers that I bought from taobao. Just need to arrange them. Planning to use it as wedding decorations too! i made a mini teepee, big teepee, fairy lights decorations and Ang bao box for the wedding! Hope they won't tear apart because I anyhow sew as I have never done sewing before hahaha! Off topic but here are some pics of the DIY! I think I am going to use some as decoration at home after the big day
  18. Sales post! I am letting go of this standing mirror from Taobao. It is made from solid wood frame and can be mounted on the wall. Letting go due to I have no space for it in the MBR Dimensions: 157cm x 40cm letting go at $65 Self collect from my house at Punggol.
  19. Some post move-in updates! Not professional shoots but some snapshots from mobile. Not much changes except that some of the decorations are up. Finally moved in to the crib recently. It was super crazy packing and unpacking for the house! Please ignore the mess in the living room as I am doing for DIY for our upcoming wedding hence the stuffs are everywhere! Night shot with the warm lightings Need to put up some decorations on the wall for dining area but yet to do so. Curtains were done by Vincent Curtains! Thanks all for reading
  20. Congrats on starting your reno journey! Love your mood board. Waiting to see more updates from you
  21. You went at right timing got a good deal! I wished I had bought another one back then and place it in the kitchen so can enjoy the fan while cooking because my kitchen is too stuffy! You should buy for dining area too shiok to have wind blowing while eating if not will be like us need to buy a standing fan for dining area.