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  1. Hi there I got it from Tampoi lighting. Initially we wanted to go over to Ion lighting few doors down from Tampoi lighting because someone told me that Ion lighting is cheaper from Tampoi lighting but unfortunately when I was there they are not opened so did not check them out. You may want to check them out to compare price first if you are going. I think I bought my Vento 2 for RM1200! The savings from the sale price now can eat a good meal in JB Liao. I think KDK fans in JB even without promo also very attractive. I remember seeing baby KDK fan going ard RM200+ for one at Tampoi but didn't get it because I need one with light kit.
  2. Pm sent Hi there! Other than MBR I have casement wardrobe in one of the bedroom. So all the carpentry I had was for MBR, MBR toilet, common room, Altar + shoe & kitchen. Dropped you a pm on the cost.
  3. Hello! Thank you so much! We were initially not sure if we should spend the $ for overlaying our toilet but am Glad that we did it because it looks so much nicer! Now we kind of regret not doing it for our common toilet it looks like a kopitiam toilet in comparison dropped you a pm for the cost and contacts. The dining table is 1.3m when kept and it can be extended to 1.6m. We have not moved in yet so unsure if it will work well but when we tried to open and close it the past few times it was perfectly fine! Hi! I used 7w track lights and all warm lighting. Did not mix any cool lighting. I used 5x 7w warm lights for kitchen. To be honest I am not sure if it will be bright enough for cooking as I have not moved in yet but when I am cleaning and washing up stuffs in the kitchen it is ok especially if I on the service yard light as well. Hello! Thanks for popping by! We were really in dilemma previously as well regarding the toilet because it's rather costly as the Budget can put to better use rather than enhancing the looks of toilet when our toilets already come with tiles but luckily it turned out very well and $ well spend! Haha. Thank you so much for the compliments!
  4. Wow your unit is so huge!! The gate is really nice and love the herringbone floor! Looking forward to more updates
  5. You have nice default HDB toilet tiles! So rare in BTOs
  6. Drop you a PM You are most welcome! Good luck for your renovations!
  7. The octagon wooden shelves are from Bangkok as well! But I think should be able to customize from Taobao and it may be cheaper too. I seen sellers who are able to customize according to your request try searching for keyword like 定制木箱
  8. You mean the one on the floor? That one was custom made in Bangkok and we brought it back with us during our holiday there. But if you are referring to the boxes on the wall, it's from ikea http://www.ikea.com/sg/en/catalog/products/30252355/
  9. Hi @huggermonster I am not sure what paint is used because this is done by my Contractors J&E. I only inform them that I want to have a full length magnetic chalkboard. Dropped you a PM
  10. Hello! The sofa is not from Taobao. Got it locally from Castlery. Hi, dropped you a pm
  11. Thank you! Hope that it will still look cozy and not cluttered when all furnishings are in! lesser crease for your Electrolux?! Ok! I will check them out! I hate to iron because I am just so bad with ironing that I surely would scald my hands if I try to iron. I normally try to get clothes that will not crease too much but If I really need to iron my clothes hubby will be the one doing for me Hello! I think it's better that you measure your toilet so that you will not get the wrong length. For my case, my electrician measured for me and told us which length to get for him to install. For the piping area in the MBR toilet we used 1 x 2ft and 1 x 4ft. I only used Ezbuy for their Prime service which has shipping at $2.99 per order. This is worth it but they have limited items available under this Prime service. If you ship bulky stuffs to Ezbuy (not using prime service) it may not be as cheap as forwarders who ship by CBM too as they charge volumetric/actual weight whichever is higher and x 1.1. For my other stuffs I used ETrove to ship over which calculates by CBM this is good for bulky stuffs. I would not recommend using official Taobao forwarders like dpex, 4px etc for bulky stuffs as they have restriction on the maximum length of the parcel that they can ship you may risk getting your item rejected by their warehouse. It will also probably cost a bomb to ship bulky stuffs with them too!
  12. dropped you a pm Hello!! The sofa is from Castlery! The one I got was Tracy Sofa in tiffany blue. Hello @Weijie123 we used T5 lightings and used acylic panels to cover up the area instead of the original panel with holes.
  13. So now since renovations had come to an end, it's another exciting task for the house which is furnishings! There are still a lot of things that we have yet to buy. - fridge (will be getting Hitachi) - washing machine (anyone has any recommendations on which brand to buy? My old house is using a SHARP brand and my mum bought it when we move in here 24 years ago and although the exterior is very old and dirty but it is still working and we are still using it!) - mattress and bed frames - bomb shelter rack some updates for the house Stools from Taobao. Racks from Taobao for service yard. Just received our sofa and love it so much! Super comfy to slouch on it and we are considering to buy another armchair from the same series! Kitchen
  14. Thoughts on J&E My renovation sort of had already come to an end around 2 weeks ago except that the Evorich was supposed to come and change the joint line trimmings had informed that they currently do not have stock for the metal trimmings. Well no choice but move on to other things while waiting for stocks and Contractor E will arrange Evorich to come down again. Although cleaning is in the quotation but the cleaning done by Contractors are never clean at all. We were hesitating if we should hire professional cleaning services or clean ourselves and decide to just save the $ and do it ourselves so we can make sure every part is clean before moving in! We started cleaning the house part by part since 2 weeks ago so that we can slowly add on electronics and furnishings. Cleaning the whole house is definitely no joke! So now I am ready to share my honest review for J&E. In total we spend around mid 30k including electrical. Before we contact J&E we already know that they are not cheap like most Contractors and in fact similar to some ID quotation. We still go ahead with them because we feel that our house and money are in safe hands. We are currently in the mids of our wedding preparation there will be a big sum that we need to spend for weddings and we were so scare of putting our money on a wrong contractor after hearing so many horror stories as we do not have so many 30k to spend on As we are only available during weekends and hardly can go down to supervise on the works, we need someone who is reliable. Throughout the whole renovation, J&E did not chase after us for payments at all and we were the one who are worried on not paying them instead we are like so late in all our payments till handover day we only paid like 50% of the payment even though works are all done we rarely meet up with them throughout the whole renovations and mainly communicated through WhatsApp or phone calls and only visit our new place on weekends. carpentry wise, there are mistakes here and there some rectified some we leave it as it is but the works of the carpentry is definitely this is our first renovation and sometimes we felt a little lost and during that time I wished that we had engaged an ID instead so that there will be more design inputs. Though J&E offers 3D but they do not provide design inputs hence for those who are engaging J&E, you need to know exactly what you want. Contractor E is the project manager and sometimes a little too forgetful so some of the things you may have to tell him a few times but generally both J&E are very nice people! Most important thing for us is if there is a mistake that we pointed out they will rectify it for us. Our renovations really took a Long time because we are not in a hurry to move in and did not give any timeline to J&E but I later realised that it was a mistake because some stuffs got dragged for too Long till I feel **** sick and tired that I am still not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We are generally not picky people and most of the things we just cin cai about it. All in all if you are looking for someone trustworthy with good workmanship I would say that they are the one but if you are someone who are looking for a contractor who will be very meticulous then you will get very frustrated with them.
  15. Hi @Reiken! I think laminate selection is the most headache part of the whole Reno really Super hard to choose! Kitchen are using New York teak but toilet one is a different laminate which I forgotten already! Maybe you can show J&E my vanity picture and ask them which laminate is it I think they should be able to tell you because I showed them their ex-clients pictures from renotalk and ask them which laminate is that and they can tell me most of the time!
  16. Sorry to hear about your bad experience! The outcome of your design is really very nice! Love your kitchen and toilet! love your idea for concrete sink in toilet I think it will last like a lifetime at least till the next time you decide to move house by the way can you share where you get your WC from? It looks very comfy! How is the performance of the WC?
  17. Thank you! Hello @kingandbin! Thank you! Must use the right keyword for searching in Taobao. They just have too much items haha! You try searching for 日式梳妆台 then you can see many of these kinda dressing table. Anyways the one that I bought was this one comes in perfect condition even the mirror inside is perfect! Only need to assemble legs only the rest are all assembled. Save time and effort! 日式实木梳妆台化妆台 卧室家具 小户型翻盖收纳柜复古 特价 http://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?ut_sk=1.VmbyKWvWUTADAKhPQRQF1MNZ_12500477_1463970381.Copy.detail&id=522010704690
  18. Wow! Third Reno with J&E! But I must really say that J&E really gives us a sense of security when we handover our house works to them! We are working on weekdays and we almost do not go down on weekdays and just leave all the work to them and although there may be some hiccups here and there but all are resolved once we highlight to E.
  19. Ahh wasted! I hope your previous prime order is low value so did not waste so much on agent fee! I am not preparing my 2nd cart of orders before the free agent fee promotion ends. Haha! the links that you requested, Tissue box 复制这条信息,打开手机淘宝即可看到【日式高档纸巾盒创意餐巾纸抽盒 客厅车用抽纸盒 木制盖子】¥AAFFNmZt¥http://tmqd.me/h.tLLsY?cv=AAFFNmZt&sm=2bd30e Sink drainer 复制这条信息,打开手机淘宝即可看到【VASE可折叠方管水槽沥水板篮 304不锈钢沥水架 厨房置物溧水卷帘】¥AAFFNlns¥http://tmqd.me/h.tLpLa?cv=AAFFNlns&sm=de22f5 Shower curtain 复制这条信息,打开手机淘宝即可看到【浴帘杆L形免打孔加厚304不锈钢卫生间转角l型定做简易淋浴房】¥AAFFNbKs¥http://tmqd.me/h.tLrf3?cv=AAFFNbKs&sm=a8b0c7 Vanity 复制这条信息,打开手机淘宝即可看到【卫浴柜简约现代橡木浴室柜组合洗脸盆洗手台洗面盆台盆卫生间吊柜】¥AAFFNfyP¥http://tmqd.me/h.tLscI?cv=AAFFNfyP&sm=1644b3 Ladder 复制这条信息,打开手机淘宝即可看到【宜家日式外贸简易置物架实木梯子出口挂衣架衣帽架布巾架毛巾架】¥AAFFNxee¥http://tmqd.me/h.tLsIs?cv=AAFFNxee&sm=f98b48 Black toilet accessories 复制这条信息,打开手机淘宝即可看到【LYLE莱尔卫浴 304不锈钢黑色简约挂衣钩 卫生间客厅衣帽挂钩】¥AAFFNqiL¥http://tmqd.me/h.tLtSF?cv=AAFFNqiL&sm=1a7565 复制这条信息,打开手机淘宝即可看到【LYLE莱尔卫浴 黑色简约个性橡皮漆纸巾架 浴室卫生间五金挂件】¥AAFFNwIk¥http://tmqd.me/h.tLGeu?cv=AAFFNwIk&sm=c86b99 Wooden light 复制这条信息,打开手机淘宝即可看到【碧得森灯具欧式创意吧台简约餐厅灯日式卧室复古美式单头木头吊灯】¥AAFFOGAe¥http://tmqd.me/h.tLuY6?cv=AAFFOGAe&sm=9861a9 Bidet spray 复制这条信息,打开手机淘宝即可看到【妇洗器304不锈钢拉丝马桶喷枪龙头套装增压冲洗器喷头 出口德国】¥AAFFNiOz¥http://tmqd.me/h.tLFte?cv=AAFFNiOz&sm=ce2e54 Track lights 复制这条信息,打开手机淘宝即可看到【海明威LED轨道灯 服装店射灯节能灯7W12W18W导轨橱窗展厅背景墙灯】¥AAFFOJRg¥http://tmqd.me/h.tLEZR?cv=AAFFOJRg&sm=e6a96a
  20. You can actually view the items listing first! What I did was I browse through the listing first add them to cart and when I am sure I have sufficient items to make the trial worthwhile then I go and buy the trial
  21. Hi @cinnamonroll sorry i do not have the contacts as it was provided by my contractor J & E.