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  1. $350 brand new in box I have an automated motorized laundry drying rack system for sale. It’s brand new but there is no warranty. I accidentally bought two from China and have installed one (see photo). You will need to arrange for your own installation or DIY. Most competent electrician or handyman will be able to install (estimated $150). Pick up from my place near HarbourFront. https://carousell.app.link/ioxTMWlreab
  2. $90 for a pair Brand new ceramic undermount basin. The under counter sinks are still in boxes and crated. Comes with ceramic pop-up waste trap. Dimensions as stated in the third photo. China brand “Aosadi”. Price is for a pair. No need to nego. I’m already selling at a loss. https://carousell.app.link/2WhbQfkRcab
  3. White pendant light. Set of three, Tom Dixon lookalike. Brand new and still in box. Without bulbs. Decided to go with another design, so didn't use this set. $30
  4. I'm a happy and proud owner of two Aeratron fans. My experience is vastly different from the OP. I have a 60" and 48", and they both live up to my expectations. Knowing that it's a DC motor fan, I understood that the blades move slower than a regular AC motor fan (like most KDKs). Have you tried Haiku? It's pretty similar in terms of airflow - I think Aeratron is slightly stronger at full speed, but that's just my opinion. I have the 60" in my living room, about 5-6 meters away from my dining table and I'm feeling the wind from the fan. At lowest two speeds, you can't feel much, but that's more for ventilation or if you are just under the fan (like in the bedroom). Also worth noting that while researching to buy a Haiku or Aeratron, I found out that Elmark sells fake Aeratron (as stated on Aeratron's official site: http://aeratron.com/distributors/) I'm not sure if you bought it from Aerahaus? I dealt with Aaron and he was very responsive and reliable - one of my fans had a very faint noise after installation and he came down personally with his installer to make sure that the replacement one was noise-free!
  5. I'm shopping for DC fans and Haiku, SPIN and Aeratron are on the top of my list. I noticed an error above about the distributor for Aeratron. Someone mentioned Elmark, but apparently they are selling copies (at $699!). See the Aeratron official site: http://aeratron.com/company/which states “Aeratron” fans offered by “Elmark” are NOT genuine Aeratron fan – these are unauthorized copies!!)" Big *** Fans has an office here that you can buy directly from, or their agents such as Phylux. SPIN of course is from SPIN. Just thought to share my findings.