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  1. Hi, if you are still looking at customizing the sofa set.. you can try D'ONE Service (fb.me/doneservicellp) I had mine customized and also other items for my home & office.. I had posted some items on my page for your reference. Was very satisfied with their services and products. Happy findings.. Cheers!
  2. Hi All, To share abit of what I got customised by D'ONE Service which I mentioned on top. I am very happy of the items delivered to me. Workmanship is good. Material is very good as well. Of course, the price is good Sofa paid $1650, Magnetic Frame work with photo frame in various sizes $800, Shelving (Drawing & Finished work was given by them before they delivered to me) $1600 All are customised to my requirement and precised. Overall me & my family are very happy. Am looking at more customise items from them for my office soon.
  3. Recently I came across a FB page about this company D'ONE Service (I like their Company Name Which say's DONE) while sourcing for some home accessories. Thought can share on this platform (fb.me/doneservicellp) They help people to do sourcing and customization. Was very surprised that such a company do exist in Singapore. Their service are pretty fast. Takes only 2 days to sourced the items which I need and at reasonable price. Talk to this guy call Eric. He told me as a sourcing agent, their company not only doing sourcing but alot more than I can think of. Will see what else that my company or myself need. Will talk to this guy again. I hope to share more findings on other matters to you folks. Cheers!
  4. W: www.done.com.sg E: eric@done.com.sg Facebook: www.facebook.com/DONE-973819999356372/

  5. Glad to know is the one you are looking for Cheers!
  6. http://www.vivointeriors.com/xs-b168-25
  7. Eurostar, I would recommend Muroformz which I used.. Good quality and service they had. Cheers!
  8. Hi, Sorry was away for business.. Thanks for your reply. Yes! Me and my families really loved the sofa that we bought from you. Is the best set that we owns so far... Especially the size requested really fit our place. Also not forgetting the price ... Heehee Good job! I will surely recommend more to my friends and relatives.. Best wishes to your business and hope to make more purchases from you soon. Cheers! Mayam
  9. Hi Gary81, Try Blafink.. 122 Eunos Ave 7 #08-04 Richfield Industrial Centre Tel:67173057 I just got my L-shape sofa delivered. Was very happy with the quality & services. Paid about $2300. Considered very cheap if compare to those shop in the market. Further more, got a free designer cushion to Also as they are quite new.. that why no 7% GST charges as well.. Save quite abit Was unsure in the beginning, saw their Facebook ad's.. Went over and have a look. Was surprised by what they offered. That's why bought the sofa with just one visit. Although felt abit scare after that. What if cannot be fulfilled or disappointment.. But, received Sofa with very much satisfaction Hope this helps in your findings.
  10. Finally Got My Sofa Delivered... So Happy To See It Being Custom made to my Requirement... Paid Around @$2300 with good quality and service (Got A Free Designer Cushion Too) Happy Is The Only Word.. Thanks So Much Staff From BLAFINK..
  11. Hey All, Just found a new company doing customize sofa BLAFINK (REMOVED LINK) Anyone heard of it? Any Comments of their products and services? Thought of going down next week and see what they have.. Looking for a L-Shape sofa (Need to customise sizes) Thanks in advance Cheers!