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  1. i think better to have a few quotations first to compare price and quality . don't want to wait until collect keys.
  2. Hi bros and sister, so many 2 roomers now that it is starting to look overcrowded. do anyone of you need painting services .? can anyone share kitchen cabinet design here and cost and contractors as well. i am looking for 1 . so far, i only found the icarpenterdirect and quote for 2.5 to3 k for 6 feet installation. I am resident from easelace BTo project. My house will need kitchen cabinet and lightning installations. I plan to buy the lightning online or from malaysia stores. If your house face * like mine, recommend to get the sun-reflective paint .
  3. Drop me his number at 97369183. Michael
  4. Some design are not very practical . like the hanging bed.
  5. same bto project as kyooko. you any idea how much does the kitchen in the showroom for 37 sqm cost ?
  6. I need electrician to install lightnings for 2 room flat and water heater . Any good reliable contractors here at reasonable cost ?
  7. Hi , I am a new BTO owner from Ease lace project . I opt in for the Optional component scheme as the hassle of getting contractors to built tiles, flooring , and sanitary can be very taxing and expensive . Only concerns is the kitchen ( cabinet + sink ) and electrical work (install lightning ) . I be painting my own house using good nippon paint . I am quite a painter myself . Washroom ( I am planning to install windows curtain ) as glass panel will make it quite small. I also plan to buy a portable wooden bathtube if possible to put it in my bathroom for ONSEN experience. As for funiture, i be buying minimum only : 1 single seater sofa or sleeper sofa set $500 1 TV set 32 inch samsung or Sharp . $300 1 round table ( rotating type ) with 2 or 3 seats for guest $250 1 seahorse mattress set for singles $700 1 wardrobe set ( 3 doors ) removable set $300 1 medium size fridge $700 1 washing machine $350 kitchen utensils and appliance $400 Buy my own lightning for room , kitchen , living room, toilet ( <$200 ) Kitchen cabinet and sink installation by contractors ( < 2.5 k ) I recently saw the new show room for 37 sqm in HDB hub . The kitchen design is quite nice when compared to the 47 sqm flat . Wonder how much if i will to go for that .I am going to ask HDB the cost . My BTO is the (type) 2 47 sqm . I hope more BTO 2 roomers would share their innovation cost and ideas openly . Also sourcing for the contractors directly for cheaper quotes as it should eliminate the middle man cost which can be quite high . Michael