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  1. @Tigaroo your renovation really extensive! How are you finding the small MBR bathroom sink? Mine's tiny and I never fail to splash water everywhere
  2. @Catt I was advised that buyers prefer to have the option, so yeah, it's easier to sell off. Although I personally think that quite a number of people would enjoy having a bigger bathroom than 2 tiny ones! Also, my mum feels that guests should not use the MBR bathroom haha... If there are 2, they can always use the common toilet instead!
  3. My HIP is approaching soon... Am in a dilemma and wondering if I should combine both bathrooms (knock down the dividing wall) and have a more spacious bathroom, or stick to having 2 separate ones. Haiz. 1 bathroom is much easier to maintain than having 2, but it's the same area. The thought of having to restore to original condition if I eventually sell, is quite the deterrent. Anyone has done that? Care to share?
  4. I find Ch*n Hu*t quite reasonable and there is also some room for negotiation. Are you getting track lights for the whole place? I have heard of many who purchased from Malaysia and they turned out okay. I would think as long as you do not overload your outlets, there ought to be lesser risks. There are also members who get their lightings from Taobao. I was quite hesitant to deal with the problems (damage in transit, or its failure, or electrical risks) so I got my lightings from local shops and an online european lighting store. From SCDF: Fire Safety Advisories to Prevent Electrical Fires: Never overload electrical outlets with electrical appliances; Always switch off appliances when they are not in use; Check the condition of wires regularly. Frayed wires or cracked cords should be replaced or repaired immediately; Do not run wires under carpets or mats and keep wires away from hot surfaces; and Use electrical plugs which carry the SAFETY Mark.
  5. Interesting concept, @bie18 ! Surprised that P&R are going into custom-made stuff! Are the individual boxes easy to dismantle? Which hob did you end up purchasing? Actually you can start shopping and request for the items to be delivered at a later date! I've attached a photo of my kitchen tiles on my t-blog (did not want to clog up yours!). Took the photo earlier, with lighting from a 28W LED
  6. The other side of the kitchen: Closer look at the kitchen tiles:
  7. Have you started shopping on furnishings? Electronics shopping is really quite fun too! I realised that I should have started shopping for the sofa months earlier, as some require time if you were to customise colours. So, start early!
  8. I just realised you're right - oops I did not take pictures of my kitchen tiles Will take a clear photo for your reference and upload it soon! PM you on the price of the door.
  9. Like the tile selection. The one for the kitchen seems to be a 30x60cm? Mine is rather similar!
  10. This is absolutely horrifying and disgusting!! Glad that it's all resolved now. What a nightmare when you should be enjoying the new place. When morning comes, I'm going to scan my cupboards with a flashlight and make sure there are no tunnel bumps anywhere......
  11. It just looks nasty... Have not tried painting over it - afraid that using normal oil-based paint with brush might worsen the look. Maybe could try spray painting...
  12. In other news, my chair has not arrived (the notorious L**H). Still waiting... Still looking for those side tables, and some nice art for the blank walls!
  13. Found an awful scratch on my white powder coated window frame (exterior). The silver is rather obvious. Anyone knows what can be done?
  14. Yes it did! Thanks @Catt ! An improvement compared to before (which was so wimpy...). The water spray is definitely more powderful from those tiny nozzles! Did you end up contacting Singapore Power to check on the water pressure?
  15. My kitchen tap pressure is ok - it's just the bathroom shower that has very poor pressure. I called PUB who got the town council plumber to check on it - mine has been turned to the maximum apparently... You can give them a call. The uncle was punctual (surprise, surprise) and dropped by on a Sat.
  16. Congrats on moving in!!!! I must say how I love the look of the kitchen floor tiles and the bathroom tiles. Looking sweet. If I ever have another reno, i'm getting those tiles. Thanks for the link to the shower head! I'm ordering one as I type... My water pressure sucks and it's upsetting me so much that I'm contemplating changing the whole heater. I have no idea if it's the water pressure or the water heater that is causing that... Also very awkward to ask neighbours 'eh, how is your water pressure?' And at least you have a utility room to hang clothes! Mine will be in the kitchen. Tak glam.
  17. I like the blue! Have you bought more stuff lately? Do share!
  18. Looks comfortable! Are you getting the whole platform (as shown in photo)?
  19. Definitely! Thanks @Changbp Have not found the right design in the right size...
  20. You chose well! Very happy for you! It makes a world of difference when you're at the entrance... Money well spent! And I like the weight of the gate too - feels sturdy!
  21. Hmm, may I suggest trying heat to remove? or rather, a hair dryer? It's the only reason why I own a hair dryer - the heat melts the adhesive of labels, making them really easy to peel off without using Goo Gone. Be careful and don't burn your fingers though! But Goo Gone works for really stubborn goo from old labels...