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  1. I personally like Bosch oven, especially 3D hot air feature. Bought this model - HBN331E4SG - the stainless steel feel fits my kitchen overall design.
  2. is there any instant water heater that can be used with 13-amp switch?
  3. I am looking at Rinnai hob. Need some advise on the number of burners to get, say my family will cook moderately a week. Glass or Stainless steel? Any comment on getting the inner flame burner? My main concern is ease of cleaning.
  4. anyone where to buy the driver and the led strip and roughly how much the driver and led strip cost? what size does the led strip come in?
  5. I have been going to different shops and is confused on choosing toilet bowls. I have the following questions and hopefully someone can help to answer how do you choose toilet bowl? what are your consideration - comfort, flushing system, water efficiency, maintenance (change of seat cover)? what are the popular mid-range priced toilet bowl?
  6. Can quote me for 2 rooms - Daikin or Mitsubishi - single split system include breakdown of cost (inclusive of GST)