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  1. Hi all, I recently want to renovate my BTO premium flat , this is the first time I get quotation from ID , may I know this quote consider expensive or reasonable? Sorry for bad grammar. Free Servies For Items 1-7 1 Interior Design and space planning layout 2 Perspective Drawing 3 Consultation slection of home furnishing 4 Decoration advice 5 Jobsite co-ordination and supervision 6 Apply for HDB renovation permit 7 Floor protection for masonry work done 8 Mansonry works 8 Construct 50mm thick cement mortar base c/w tiles skirting for kitchen cabinet Per ft $20 9 Construct 50mm thick cement mortar base c/w tiles finish for washing machine $120 10 Construct 50mm thick cement mortar base c/w tiles finish for fridge $120 11 Construct shower kerb at both bathroom c/wt iles finish $130 Plumbing works 12 Extend stainless steel expose pipe for kitchen (Cold only) $630 13 Install inlet/outlet drainage pipe for kitchen sink and washing machine F.O.C 14 Provide labour to install 2 nos. of instant heater/1 nos of storage heater $160 15 Provide labour to install 2 nos. of accessories for 2 toilets $200 Ceiling works 16 Design , supply and install fiber plaster light box for living/dining Per SQFT $5.50 17 Supply and install false ceiling at foyer & bedroom entrance Per SQFT $5.50 Painting works 18 Nippon (V5000) paint for all internal wall & ceiling 4+1 colour $1200 19 Nippon paint for all doors frame, pipeline and household shelter door and frame F.O.C Carpentry works 20 Living- Suspended design TV console in laminate finish (6ft) $780 21 Foyer - Design low height shoe cabinet in laminate finish (5ftX3ft) $780 22 Foyer - Design settee in laminate finish (2ft) $200 23 Master bedroom - Design casement wardrobe in laminate finish (6ft X 8.5ft ht) $1400 24 Master Bathroom - Design vanity cabinet in laminate finish (5ft) $600 25 Kitchen - Design and install 20 ft kitchen cabinet c/w 10 ft Quartz kitchen worktop $4800 GLass and windows works 26 Supply & install aluminum sliding windows grills for whole house windows $980 27 Supply & install aluminum sliding windows @ Service Yard $650.00 28 Supply & install 10mm tempered sliding glass door @ Kitchen entrance (c/w partition extention) $800.00 29 Supply & install pray paint glass backing @ Kitchen (10ft) $480.00 30 Supply & install 10mm tempered wall to wall casement shower screen @ Master Bathroom $450.00 Remark: 1.All carpentry work c/w solid plywood and internal colour pvc 2.Soft closing system will provide to all cabinet 3.All carpentry work having 2 years warranty 4.All cabinet can choose over 100 type of laminate 5.Kitchen cabinet and Ceiling works need to calculate the area but the calculating way is provided