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  1. Hey Guys... Have you finished moving and looking to dispose off of the packing cartons? I'll buy them off you instead of selling them to the Garung Guni Man!
  2. Anyone still getting the LED strips? @minlon: Wanna share the shipping?
  3. Didn't even know that there's an RC in our estate... Is it at the childcare there?
  4. Just had my unit connected up by the opennet technicians this morning. Gotta wait for another more month for tests to be completed prior to being able to sign up for the fiber plans.
  5. Hi forgotten, I'm experiencing 2 different issues with my doors in the MBR.. Toilet door opening by itself whenever I open the MBR door.. Any idea how to soften the clicking of the bifold door? Seems to be that it's the door that's clicking into place on the rails of the door... Or even better.. Strengthen it such that the bifold door doesn't open by itself? MBR door opening by itself. This too is probably due to the pressure too. However, the MBR door should have enough weight and strength to withhold the pressure right? My thinking is that the bolt mechanism is not "biting" enough onto the strike plate to keep the door closed. Now, a simple push on the closed MBR door opens the MBR door! Any ways to rectify this?
  6. Yah. Was spooked for quite a few times before realizing the problem! Hahaha
  7. @wolflet: the mbr door is fully closed leh.. quite irritating at times especially when my gal is crying and I have to manage the toilet bifold door and the mbr door at the same time. I think the condition has worsen till the extend that pushing the door when it's fully closed opens it! Without even the need to turn the knob! the quality of materials really quite jialat for our estate... :x
  8. My current MBR door installed from HDB door opens by itself whenever the toilet door is opened. In order to prevent the door from opening, we had to stopper the MBR door from behind. Anyone knows how to fix this issue?
  9. Need some help with regards to Toilet Bi-fold doors in the MBR. At the present moment, when the air con is on, if we open the door, the toilet's bi-fold door will open as well... Any ways to prevent it from happening? In additional, the clicking sound is really loud, often giving our newborn a fright whenever we open or close the door. Anyway to reduce the clicking sound? The same bi-fold door that we changed together in the common toilet is really quiet though... Not too sure what might have caused the MBR's bi-fold door to be so noisy. Thanks!!
  10. Just wondering if any of you guys received the invitation for the Open Net Installation? I keep seeing the guys installing the hardware but yet to see the invitation in the mail box. Checked the site and our installation date is from Sept to Nov.. Calling them doesn't help cause the operator will just say that if you haven't receive the invitation, that means that your area is not ready...
  11. Hmm.. Maybe you can send me your email + contact number? I'll forward everything to the SE together?
  12. Anyone using part time maids? Looking for one to tide us over until we can fit into a routine when my lil baby girl is delivered in early Oct....
  13. yeap.. I find that solar films for cars being marketed more expensively very absurd! Agree that using different grades for films for different parts of the house a wise choice to maximise the value of the money spent..
  14. Oh! Thought you only have like one or two panes for those corridor windows... whoops.. .
  15. Hi dexufto, Those reflective surface ones aren't really useful if your side is brighter than the outside at night. The people opposite will be able to see right through the windows and your window becomes very mirror-ish at night.. Not too good for kids at night for some of them might get scared of their own reflection on the windows... Maybe you can send me your email and contact as well so that the SE can provide you with the right information for your needs?