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  1. It is a very good blog, detail, informative, answers, tips and suggestions were given. I am sure past, present and future new comers will appreciate your good work. Wishing you a Happy 2019 New Year.
  2. rustynail

    share electrical plug

    Thanks for head up.
  3. Hi, Like to know can I share the fridge plug with a washing machine/microwave oven?
  4. Hi, your ceiling square lite where u bot it and whats the wattage, is it bright? Thanks.
  5. What brand is your fan, is the wind strong. Thanks.
  6. rustynail

    Ceiling Fans & Lights (Led)

    Hi bro, Can pm me the catalogue for ceiling fans and installation cost/ removal of spoilt fan? Thanks.
  7. Hi, can pm me the Malaysian fan installer person pls. Thanks.