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  1. just to share how much packing i have done, pic showed part of 24 boxes and still counting............
  2. @ Nellynutt & piknik hahahah i am no superwoman la, actually overseeing the reno is not that difficult... if i am not please with anything, just need to talk to ID and he will do something, i am using my mouth and eyes only so far the only difficulty i encounter is tat due to unforseen circumstances, have to make decision on the spot as my hubby not supposed to be involve in the reno and was busy at work, so very difficult to call him and describe the scenario at that point of time... so i have to be decisive other than that, taking pics, checking out the progress ok la as my baby goes to childcare from 9am-4pm guess wat is actually siong now?? hahahahahha PACKING!!! am fighting for time as i do all the packing alone, once baby back, i will be tied down by him i also work from home, timing can be very flexible but ultimately i still need to spare some time to work...TIRED lo @ Terencetcw eh i got my lightings and sanitary all from Budget Lights & Bath at Midview City we really dun have much time to go around as compared to my first reno imagine bringing a baby along to choose all these is really tedious! either we are mentally or physically tired hahahahha i only spend $4080 on all items, maybe you can take a look at what i bought later, lights shd be up this week WC, heater, basin etc done already lo
  3. hi nelly, think i came across your thread before... were you the 1 tat engaged mr chang and hubby cant be involved in reno till move in? if yes, you are the one hahahha cos your scenario exactly same as mine!! i also 1 woman show, shiong but then i am enjoying every part of it hahahahah we have to move out of current place on 5th dec so no choice lo, got to rush a bit helping hands quote quite standard 14 footer $280 with 20 carton boxes if not on lift level, add $25 each level dismantling $20-25 each add 7% GST for your comparison
  4. some updates with just 11 days left, ID and workers are working at their FULL SPEED...vroom vroom tiling - done painting - in progress carpentry - in progress windows and doors - this week laminate flooring - early next week busy busy packing now, we have engaged The Helping Hands, will review on their services later =) cant wait to see the carpentry!! as we have choose something not our usual style...stay tuned some pics: living room common toilet master toilet kitchen MBR
  5. some pics update: my tilers worked on sun and PH, appreciated their hardwork and rewarded them with some food and drinks hahaha workmanship wise seems ok to me (at the moment!) ahhahah Kitchen wall common toilet feature toilet wall tiles plastering think all tiling should be completed by this week
  6. nice 3Ds, like the kitchen colour esp the greyish solid top innovative of you to put up the notices, hahahaha maybe i can copy cat also
  7. yo cents bro, my BIG piece of "wood" is here hahahah looked a bit boring as compared to yours but we are going for woody feel, so... looked like above but ask him to do some design la
  8. 3Ds 1st Draft looks abit boring hor, but safety more impt as i have a very x 100 active toddler.... already asked ID to make some changes to console and kitchen
  9. my previous 1 also duno wat brand solid top but i tink 1 grade lower than corian and i swear that i never want to use the same 1 again cos it will kana stain very fast and i cant remove the stain...zzzz sumore can turn yellowish at some corners...biangzzz i go and ask him wat brand, if compared to yours, then my $120psf is cheap liao ya he did told me that need to pay for cutting and polishing but i think they just used left over to cut and depending on the size you want lo
  10. can kapo how much is the silestone top? i also looking at quartz leh, ask my ID about silestone, he say this branded 1 hohoh he quoted me for quartz about $120 psf, my bottom cabinet about 15.5 long, siong sia.... we got the same concept for the shower shelvings, so meaning they can do a cut out from the balance ah?? else i got to ownself buy leh
  11. is the "special" hinge expensive? yours is veneer door right? the kitchen tap look abit like shower head hahahahaha, can bath there or not kekekeke (joking ah) eh you heven tell me how much is your lader leh
  12. thanks for the contact your book shelf fits nicely leh, from ikea also? how much ah? i am intending to get similar 1 but hor, tat wall will be painted like feature wall, so if i gonna put it there then no point painting leh, tot of placing a smaller 1 next to door (when we enter room..) wat you think? cos i tink we got similar layout in the room, windows also same position hhahaha
  13. hi guys, which is nicer? think i will get sanitary and lights from budget lights as i went to jalan besar yesterday, price wise, budget lights is giving me better offer i dun think we are going for very good quality kinds, mid range will do this basin and tap only $149 anyone heard of ORIN WC? sales told me this is european brand wor, 1 or 2 piece ok with me, most impt is that the sides is flat for easy washing (hope you understand wat i meant)
  14. 4) my flat also got a same pattern AC as your yours but owner dismantle liao and everything looks ok 5) this is good leh, more storage lo your toilet pipes more "tekong" than mine hahahah tot mine already very out of the way, boxing up pipes will definately make the toilet smaller but neater and easier to wash my current flat common toilet pipes are boxed up whereas master is not, so i really see a hugh difference esp when washing toilet lolz not easy to wash those pipes leh, got to scrub like mad and the paint will drop over time BUT danger of boxing up pipes are that if in any case of leakage, jialut, got to remove everything my ID also commented that actually box up toilet pipes not approved but i seen many ppl doing that leh bedframe i have a contact of making bedframe and sort of can customize as my fren have done his thru this person and mentioned tat is from king koil, i have spoken to her but have not seen the sample yet, so if you want, i can pass you the contact..
  15. hahahah just saw your lader pic after my reply kekekek nice leh but i am still in dilemma of whether to choose the pull out over this.... ID quoted me lader for full height cabinet at $400 (4 tiers) but i duno how tall la yours looked like 5 tier ah, share with me how much leh kekekke
  16. you got Poh Seng address? ya is COD, but i am worried about the warranty, he say is local so cannot be false 1 right? hahahah pardon me for kuku qns eh the storage heater hor, i cant remb i read whose thread and they have it hidden inside 1 of the kitchen cabinet but i tink yours look thick le, not sure if can go inside cabinet, but then if you want to hid there, maybe got to re-run or re-arrange the pipes? if the current position push to inner, how they going to run the pipes? but is this the only way? the pipes looked like maze wor eh lader pic leh?
  17. i understand your point, from pic you can tell how much their dedication to your project impt are the carpentry right?? cos i asked my ID, "how many 3Ds will i get" ANS: as long as got carpentry 1 lo hahahah duno how true, wait and see.... but to some ID hor, asking for 3d is darm difficult as some of them outsource, so is like buy and pay on spot, well i encounter one i changed ID after waiting for 1-2mth+ for 2pieces of 3Ds (living & Kitchen), dun even have toilet and wardrobe sumore 3Ds not wat i wanted, wrong design, wrong colour and totally OUT! buey tahan, was so angry so i was saying you are lucky to have such an ID
  18. wow!! your console looked like TRANSFORMER leh hahahahaha thanks for the pic kekkeke oh mine would not have so much storage la, maybe just *you imagine* TV Centre so storage left and right and below Tv , row of drawers we want to keep it simple with no protuding drawers as my boy is very rough, afraid tat he bang onto the edge of drawers well, it is gonna be a very big piece of wood lo, my ID said the width almost like a wardrobe hahahah we only family of 3 so now i got 2 x wardrobe, bay window storage cum shoe cabinet, kitchen cabinet, store room etc many many place to store my barang, should be enough bah
  19. @ Terencetcw FRIDGE hmmm i would say i prefer this fridge as good size, inverter tech, a bottom freezer etc reason being: 1) my current fridge of 9 years is the 1st generation and same line (bottom freezer) tink is panasonic (now they are national panasonic bah hahahah) 2) i am in my early 30s so no problem with bending down 3) i seldom cook, the most take fish from freezer for my son's porridge. the other thing i would take from freezer is ICE CREAM my current model: open door and pull out individual compartment the new model: pull out door with 1 of the big compartment attached so it really depend, but i tink quite siong for older folks to squat or bend ah?? but if top freezer hor, also not easy for them since they stock up lots of frozen food. they may need to pull everyting out to get something inner maybe bring your mum to go test drive la AC yes SS bracket add $150 (Aron add $128) he quoted me same model $2699 + 2 trips + $128 SS bracket i went ALL Best $2699 for system 3, SS bracket, 2 trips BUT 1 year warranty and 60mths for trunking if want add extended warranty, $299 for 2 or 3 years 3Ds next week leh, my ID say very busy now am starting to hack on 1 nov, duno enough time or not eh, you guys got any good reco place to get sanitary wares and lightings? i went to budget lighting but their selection very limited, if say Whole house lights $1500 whole house sanitary $2300 cheap or not?? my last reno was 3 years back, i am actually a bit lost now
  20. hahahah a GOOD one!! thanks for jackson contact, got too much info / contacts on blind and duno which to choose or call since saw your reco and end product, think i just ask him to quote if call him, he will come to our place with the fabrics ah?
  21. kakakakak i know la, just visited your thread but your 3D page wat? your new flat around jurong west?
  22. hi sleek, did we ever chat previously? your current reno is the no. wat house liao? hahaha
  23. i like your TV console, with lots of storage hahahaha i will be having a similar 1, this is gonna be a BIG piece of carpentry can you enlighten me ah, wats the main difference for LED and T5 tube? i mean except for brightness, energy saving and wat else? i know LED also more expensive we have no preference la, but i see that LED is the "in" thing now leh
  24. welcome to RT very nice of your ID to give you so many 3Ds even with the false ceiling! she really make effort in your "project"
  25. oh now the promo is FOC rice cooker and duno 3 or 3+2 years warranty (I cant remb) normally is 1 year i tink you go and check out their store to get more info i got my AC from All best at IMM but their warranty only 1 year as compared to Gain city 3+2 somthing like tat price difference about 300-400 so you decide whether you want extended warranty or not hahah i am a risk taker lolzz