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  1. You are intending to put these inside the cabinets?
  2. Really depends, if you have kids like me when they play their toys or play alot, that sometimes causes the stones to dirty fast also
  3. My personal opinion no need, but why would you want to break that area if i may ask?
  4. In the past i tried the baking soda/vinegar solution, it made the problem worse, it made white patches on my homogeneous floor Luckily my contractor (one i had previously used), was nice enough to come and change the tiles for me (4/5 tiles) When i asked him how come baking soda had caused these white patches on my tiles, he said the baking soda has a mild bleaching agent inside that would eat into tile's enamel (if you check the contents yes baking soda has a mild bleaching agent as its content) So baking soda/vinegar 100% did not work for me, infact made the situation worse and seems to be more like an old wife's tale from my experience