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  1. Saw Wai le construction pte ltd having demerit points. https://www.mom.gov.sg/~/media/mom/documents/safety-health/reports-stats/list-of-contractors-with-demerit-points.pdf?la=en
  2. Hi yoongf, can elaborate more on MOM part? Safety? Anything else?
  3. Like what yoongf says, court battles are fought with documentation. There are very limited things that i can do.
  4. I engaged the architect independently but the contractor was highly recommended by architect
  5. I realise it is very hard to argue if Architect, RTO, PE and contractor are one gang. They can basically “one hand cover the sky”
  6. In my opinion, the architect screwed up the whole tender. Contractor didnt fill in the tender document except a signed LOA with terms that benefits benefit contractor
  7. I suspect Architect might be with contractor. Instead of asking contractor to rectify. Architect says will ask PE to change the drawing to what builder builds.
  8. The contractor name is Wxx hxx construction pte ltd. Just in case everyone is curious.
  9. Hi All, please careful of the contractor that u engaged. My contractor like to hold me ransom by locking my house with new lock. The latest tricks by him is sealing up my house main door and level 2 staircase. It always happen when there is a dispute.
  10. hi cymon, can share with me your architect contact?