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  1. Hi Yi Jun, ID here. Alternatively, you can try companies like Evorich HERF flooring. Many ppl mistaken it as vinyl flooring but HERF (High End Resilent Flooring) is made of materials that looks and feels like wood on the surface. It is easy to install as it is click join and is lifetime warranty, United States patented. Hope this solves your concern of having chemical smell in vinyl flooring. You can ask other companies like TLG (the floor gallery etc). Skirting can be versatile depends on the way you want to design your house, as a minimalist design approach, minimal skirting looks good. I suppose your sliding doors are wooden doors? If it is wooden sliding doors, it is okay for use, however, your track might get 'jammed' with the door connector in the long run, hence i suggest you should apply lubricant regularly(weekly is fine), to ease the sliding effort.
  2. It's slightly higher price, i suggest you should try to reduce price with your supplier. Some charges a few dollars lower from say 16-17 psf or even less. The price of hacking is costly, let me get back to you on this again. Alternatively i suggest you can overlay your floor to prevent a burn in your pocket, however i suggest you should bring your contractor/ interior designer down to your house to have a clear assessment if is suitable.
  3. Hi pumpkinpie apologies for late reply, yes and i suggest you to inform your contractor to leave extra spacings for your fridge, hob and others. Let's say if you plan to build built-in fridge, you should inform your contractor and make sure to indicate extra cms to your in built cabinet depth (+6-10cm), width (+6-10cm) and height(+6-10cm) so you may not to worry for replacements. Usually, a contractor/ interior designer will take care for you, so not to worry but just gently remind them if you need to As for flooring, yes you definitely need to do up first before the former. You can try floor gallery and evorich. I am involved in a flooring business as well Timber flooring is less expensive than engineered flooring, yet you should get a flooring that suits your expectations.
  4. If you are doing hacking and redoing whole room fooring for engineered wood, gradually give yourself 4-5 days safest maximum Do tell your flooring contractor to apply screeding of floor + floor soundproofing as well
  5. Hi pumpkinpie, you should start at least 2 months before your move in date. You may like to get a few quotes and designs from your interior firms and confirm your contractor best by late sep , so that your contractor can execute whatever needs to be done latest by mid oct ( give yourself a week extra so to ensure all things are prep without rush), and the last week of oct you can purchase furnitures and electronics + do a final check with your contractor to check for touchups. Of course, you can start earlier to ease your schedule and to source out more interior design firms
  6. Hi all, I am Victor from Three Lights Interior, As i just started out on my own, I will be offering contractors price for your condo ( with Interior Design incl) Do drop me a msg or whatsapp me @ for a free consultation Thanks Best Rgds, Victor
  7. Hi, I am Victor from Three Lights Interior, As i just started out my own, I am charging contractor price with interior design included. Feel free to drop me a whatsapp @ 91702978 and see how we can progress from there Best Rgds, Vic
  8. Hi all! We are providing supply and install of vinyl flooring at $4/psf with trendy different colours suitable both for home and offices! Usually price $6, cheapest $4.50. This is a direct supplier and in house business offered by Three Lights Interior. Offer ends this 18 june as I hope to acquire new clients by helping you prospects! :> Below is the pic of our recent hdb installation, check it out! :>
  9. Hi quebecme, I am sorry to hear about your inconvenience caused. You can search for 'Affordable Acoustic Foam Soundproofing Materials' and generally buy them online from online shops like Lazada at a reasonable pricing to soundproof your wall without much work. Generally these sound proofing foams can stick upon your ceiling using 3M adhesive stripes and Velcro to reduce your noise levels ( if they continue to stump their feet). However, the reduced noises will actually still exist as this soundproofing materials should be pasted on your neighbor's room to reduce the noise ( not from your house) These soundproofing materials comes in different colours as well and you can take it as a decorative accessories for your home ceiling (https://www.google.com.sg/search?q=acoustic+foam+colours&tbm=isch&imgil=kPimsZTE4mJB7M%3A%3BvL2HDylz23PIsM%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fmusic4less.net%252F4less%252Ffaq-foam.htm&source=iu&pf=m&fir=kPimsZTE4mJB7M%3A%2CvL2HDylz23PIsM%2C_&usg=__yhvtU-YNQU4Lf0dfFEseuYcnjkg%3D&biw=1366&bih=613&ved=0ahUKEwixjf-1vK3TAhXEFpQKHVFGDYwQyjcIZA&ei=zr71WLHuM8St0ATRjLXgCA#imgrc=kPimsZTE4mJB7M:) sample colours, please check with vendor if they have these colours ya?
  10. Dear All, Renovation Contractor here, providing professional paint services in reasonable prices. Work hours is daily at night and weekends. Our services are effective and efficient. Standard 2-3 days to clear house painting ( eg. 1100 sqft) Package includes plastering, cleaning and housekeeping after service. We are offering attractive packages as low as $1100 ( ICI or Nippon emulsion paint colours : 2 to 3 colours selection) to $1400 for whole house ( for HDB flat) Pm For Details