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  1. J21 Renovation Enterprise service standards depends. If u ask them to do small repairs, they bo chap one. If got big project that potentially earn them big bucks, they will be very responsive. Last time my reno main contractor ask them as subcon to do my roof + skylight. J21 do until KNS and full of ****. As my hubby was handling the reno works, I don't have a chance to see whats up there until after a year there were some leaks. I asked them to come and take a look. That guy called Ah Koon don't even bother to answer my phone. Later i asked another contractor NASAX to come and do my roof. NASAX staff took a before picture and showed to me. Then i realised how KNS the roof's condition is. I fedup and asked NASAX to redo my roof 100%. It cost quite a bit, but i am so satisfied with their services and i was willing to pay for it. They used high quality German CREATON tiles, replaced those rafters, clean up everything, etc. The workmanship is impecable. I even asked them to paint my perimeter wall at a discount since there workers and equipment were already at my place. They used Malaysian workers consisting of mainly Malays and a handful of Chinese. Very professional.
  2. Hello everyone, Anyone knows or comes across the below contractor before? THE ART OF WATER & NATURE. UEN No. : 53129003D. Address : 403 race course road #02-00 Singapore 218653. Better do a bit of homework first before engaging this company. NOTE: Just go straight to the point and lemme know whether u guys know this company or not. Dun try to sell your reno services to me instead har. Thanks.
  3. Hi leechaorui, I did not choose this contractor in the end. But scaring-ly, my neighbor who is a few houses away from me does! I am not too familiar with this particular neighbor at this moment. Maybe i should go over and pre-warn him about how to go about the progress payments to this contractor (hopefully he does not think that i am busybody). What i heard from another neighbor who is next door to mine is that this MAXZO contractor had indeed done a few projects before - but under a few different company names. My question is: how come this company always change name like no business. Quite strange isn't it?
  4. Hi all Renotalkers, This is Monica and is the first time using Renotalk forum. I came across this particular renovation contractor - MAXZO DESIGN AND BUILD PTE. LTD. but not sure how credible it is. The quote which they gave is quite attractive, but at the same time is also one reason of worry (something is too good to be true). I searched from the website and not much information can be gathered, but managed to get some of their rough data from this website https://www.sgpbusiness.com/company/Maxzo-Design-And-Build-Pte-Ltd. I discovered that they have not even operated more than one year and this is what freaks me out as not sure how trust-able it is. Just a check if anyone had used this company before? Thanks.