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  1. has anybody got any idea if pang giap is a reliable ? Been looking around some other window contractor
  2. Will recommend Alice of Tan Carpenters Good service and most importantly wonderful workmanship and designs.
  3. you can try this carpenter in singapore, they provide direct services.
  4. Cool! How much did the hacking cost? You also seem to have kinda possibility of a dry area outside the bathroom! My layout is different such that the storeroom is between the kitchen and bedroom. I also feel the kitchen is oversized. My idea is to hack away the storeroom to make the living room larger, while setting the kitchen back to enlarge the living room. What do you think?
  5. Initially I was going to go for Scandi theme, but after meeting with some IDs we came to our conclusion that what we wanted was a cross between Scandi and Modern style. I am looking for stony, natural feel to the house, with some Scandi wood and brightness to enlarge the rooms. Having done my research, i booked a few appointments with some IDs with strong reviews through Home trust platform. I did not want to end up another 'nightmare renovation', so I really took some time to read through the reviews before booking online. Here's a quick lowdown on the more memorable IDs I met: 1. A very large ID company, one of the most well-known in Singapore. It did not take me long to conclude that ID assigned was rather incompetent at design. Worse still, she gave me wrong information, that my bedroom walls cannot be hacked. I was glad that I rejected to meet her again, as it was clear she is not really into design. I guess I am the kind of customer who is more concerned about design than sales speeches. 2. A smallish ID company, relative young, with many positive reviews. I was very excited to meet them and even requested to meet the particular ID X. I saw that X had a number of reviews and I quite liked that he was into Scandi style. X impressed me his enthusiasm and reliability. Also he was very professional throughout, and I felt that my project would be in safe hands with X. Overall, I was not surprised X had many satisfied customers, based on my hours of discussions with him. 3. Another small and young ID company, whose small but impressive portfolio caught my eye while browsing. The ID, who is the boss himself, blew my mind away with the way he sees designs. the fact that he surprised me with his ideas gave me the signal that he is the best pure designer among the lot. Eventually, after 2 meetings and looking at his progress on his proposal, confirmed my belief and I signed with him. Next I shall update you guys with the design proposals firm 3 came up with - let me know your thoughts!
  6. Hi everyone, After a long wait, I have recently gotten my keys to a 30 year old 3-rm resale flat. The flat doesn't look too appealing at first glance, here are some points I have taken note of: The unit is practically empty, so I will have cost savings when it comes to removing cabinets and fittings. First thing I noticed is that the bathrooms are extremely small! The master bathroom especially is only around 2sqm big. There is a weird storeroom near the entrance of the kitchen My wife and I are looking at ideas at how to give our flat a makeover. We feel that the master bathroom is definitely too small, and presently the unit doesn't feel too spacious. We have met a few IDs over the past weeks, and will share with you guys some updates on my next post.