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  1. Need help here... I'm planning to get hood, hob and built in oven for my kitchen. After reading online, I'm geared towards Fujioh hood, Rinnai hob and Brandt oven. However, it doesn't make economical sense to buy the 3 items separately. After some considerations, i think it may be a better choice to buy all 3 items from 1 single brand... And since hood and hob will be used more often than the oven, it's a choice between Fujioh and Rinnai now. Can someone advice which is a better choice? Do share your experience. TIA.
  2. Help! Anyone know where to buy this tap? Would appreciate your advice.
  3. Thanks for sharing. Can u PM me the contractor name and co name? I'm looking for a contractor, muz make sure i avoid this. TIA!
  4. Hi, can u share contact and quotation (if u dun mind) please? TQ very much!
  5. Hi, can u share how much is ur damage? I'm looking for ID/contractor who is willing to take small projects. If you dun mind, can share contractor's contact and quotation? Thank you!