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  1. hi collins.. theres something wrong wif my PM... pls mail me at evo5555@gmail.com thx
  2. hi, Evo5555,

    Twin LED set costs S$76 per set.

    Thanks. Please feel free to contact me.

  3. do you have promo for twin LED bulb + twin square fixtures + drivers? im planninng to use it for my whole house.. could u do a good price?
  4. care to share who do u order the LEDs from?
  5. hi timothy... would u mind sending ur friend's contact to my mobile.. 98500678.. my PMs arent working..
  6. Hi I unable to pm you, you have bid for my item. Can I know will you be getting it as we closing the auction tomorrow.

  7. http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=44061
  8. Hi... Timothy.. care to share your friend's contact regards to the plaster art... thx

    would he be able to offer better discounts if recommended by friend? :)

  9. nobody knows if any of the contractors does this kind of feature wall??
  10. Hi fellow forumers... was wondering where can i find some sort of venetian plastering finishes as my living room TV feature wall?? can it be done on wood frames? wanted the effect to look something like the photo.. wif gold/dark brown finishes colors.. also roughly how much will it cost me for a 5 meter long by 2 meter high TV feature board?
  11. wow nice.. how much does the bed head cost u? u using wat fabric as the cushion? also how much are those 2 side table?
  12. Hi. unable to pm you, would you like to drop me a sms or email me? thanks


  13. nobody done this design before? rough estimate?
  14. Hi forumers, would like to check wat is the market price to do the bedhead with cushion fabric also tinted mirror surrounding for my master bedroom.. sample as below... Was quoted the below by my ID... -Design, Fabricate & install 1 unit bedhead L3000mm x H2850mm x D1500mm Made with solid plywood c/w laminate finishes cushion panel in selected fabric finish, bronze mirror Total $4560..... issit expensive??? i find it too high... but still like the idea of having this in my bedroom... tis excludes 2 unit of bedside table which will cost me $550 for size of L600mm x D600mm...
  15. hi... care to share your wallpaper n curtain quote? :) my wood feature wall is super expensive.. trying to explore other alternatives..