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  1. Somebody ever mentionrd to me that putting peacock feathers can scare lizards away. Havent try though.
  2. If its stainless steel, than I think those rust spots are caused by metal bits left on the sink after installation. Your contractor should be able to remove the stain off.
  3. Hi crystal535,welcome to the Dover Garden neighbourhood. I guess you got your unit through balloting as the flooring and door options were only given to the enbloc applicants. If you are planning to do a major renovation,I think without the flooring and door done is better. The ceramic tiles used are quite okay but a wee bit small in size. As for the doors,you may have problem with the swing door at the bathroom area. when you open to go to the bathroom, you have to sqeeze through before you can close it. During your reno I suggest you consider using bifold door for both bathrooms. The kitchen is a bit small but squarish. I guess you have to make do with a smaller size fridge say about 600mm width type. Good luck to your reno! Btw I am from Block A and gotten my keys last month. Simple reno is more or less completed.
  4. Hi jemjem, by any chance you from sg kiaclub? Your house layout is very similar to mine.Appreciate if you can constantly update your reno progress. Hopefully I can "steal" some reno ideas from you
  5. Was at balestier on saturday look see look see and finally pop in to Asia Excel. Suprisingly, Desmond still remembers me although I visted him about one month ago to enquire aboput the hood and hob. After much discussion, I place order for the Rinnai RB2CG hob,Fujioh 800MK2 hood and a Franke single basin sink. Price was very reasonable and service was great!. He even spend a lot of time educating my wify about diffrent types of heaters, showers,wc and off course the hood and hob we bought. We left at around 9pm as we were hungry for dinner.
  6. Isopropyl alcohol. Can get it at any decent hardware shop.
  7. Yes you can. Normally wet work first and laminate last. Doubt Pergo AC5 is from malaysia. You should ask them to state clearly the brand,the type eg. Expression, Family etc. and model in the contract or invoice with company letterhead and signed. The packaging for Pergo has big letterings on the sides.
  8. Yup. $3.80psf for Pergo is quite ok.Normally price range from $3.50 to $3.90 for Pergo AC3. I am going direct to Pergo agent for the laminates. I have decided on the AC5 range which is more expensive but have the colour and design I like. As for renovation, I am in discussion with the neighbourhood contractor.
  9. Quick name the ID and the company he works for. There are too many such people around giving renovation companys a bad name.
  10. I am using the Rhoyxon EQ 90 for a good twenty odd years and the condition is still superb! All the crome parts still very shinny and the burner in very good condition. Yes it has a compartment for the LPG cylinder. You can enqire about Rhoyxon cookers from Guan Chang.
  11. A word of advice..... dont be swayed by the cheap package. Its a bait to get you to sign. Once that is done, a lot of hidden cost will surface. I suggest you decide what you want to do with your renovation and get quotes from several ID/contractors to quote and compare. I have visited this reno show also and find that in my opinion Orange C,Sky Crea, and HomeGui are more relaible in terms of pricing base on your requirements. You can sit down with them and tell them to propose your requirements and an estimated quote with minimal hidden cost. Good luck.
  12. I am also planning to have the Rinnai RB-2CG inner flame hob. Although its a old mo0del, its proven to be one of the best inner flame hob. As for the hood, I am getting the Fujioh 800 MK2. Efficient hood and ease of cleaning.
  13. I too visited Asia..on saturday. Desmond is very knowledgeble. Get him to bundle a quote for the Rinnai RB-28FV and the Fujioh 800MK2 hood. Pricing looks ok. Most probably will get it from them when my house is ready in a few months time.
  14. Thanks for the link. Will call them to check.
  15. HI applefreak, so sorry to hear what happen to doggie Wolf. you are truly a great animal friend. Btw, thanks for the grooming tips on kittie. She is much cleaner now and having a good time at my house. Was thinking of sending her to be neutered. Any good vet to recommend and roughly how much? Preferably in the western part. Thanks.