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  1. Hello, I keep having leaking kitchen sink problem. Kitchen sink is mounted underneath the solid top. Have tried to scrap off silicon; refill with silicon. The problem will come back after a few months. Is this due to poor workmanship as in the contractor did not do the job properly or a cheap sink is being used? Expansion or contraction of the sink? What should I do to resolve this painful repetitve issue? Change the sink? Possible to use existing back solid top? Anyone has similiar issue? Thanks.
  2. Hihi, I suspected I am having the same problem...due to high humidity in my house and a decaying cabinet. Fixed the decaying cabinet but the insects still doesnt go away. Is this called booklice or springtails? Can't differentiate btw the 2...
  3. Hi, Anyone has encounter this before? I supposed this should happen to older home whereby the kitchen cabinet is more to decay? But my house is less than 3 years old and already got infested by this pest. All this happened becos my contractor did not seal my sink properly hence water leaked beneath my cabinet which caused my cabinet to "rot" I didn't even realised that this will cause springtails(tiny insects that feed on decaying materials n looks like weevils but smaller than that) to form. Though the contractor came to rectify the rotting wood by taking off the laminate and scrubbing the moldy/decayed affected parts away. Then relaminated the affected parts. He said that it will go away after that. It's been more than 2 weeks and I have trying to keep my kitchen dry and clean. I tried to spray insecticide as well but it doesn't seem to work. Sometimes, there seemed to be multiplying of springtails n it's so irritating n I wonder if it will cause harm to my young children? Anyone got encounter this before? Thinking of diy solution first before getting pest control
  4. Perhaps, the magic sponge is like our green color side rough sponge? Cos when I tried to 'polish' 1 stain on my white top, I realised that the stain doesnt go away and worst, more scratches after that...
  5. Thanks for all the replies. Will try them... I tried to use magic sponge and realised that its actually scratched my solid top instead of helping. Not sure if Cif will have the same effect? Dashingjack, Does the polishing remove the yellowing? How much would that cost? Maybe I will try it before next CNY when I need to host friends/ family...
  6. Hi, Is there anyone facing the same problem as me? My kitchen solid top are turning yellow esp. those at the corner. I don't know why cos its only about half a year since I moved in? I don't do heavy cooking and I wipe them once a while. Too lazy to do weekly maintenance. I tried to use dish washing detergent on it but of no use. Not too sure if other stronger detegents will make it worse? Or corrode the solid top material? Thanks for any suggestion made...
  7. Depends on ur needs ba? If design is more impt to you, then ask ur contractors to do it for u. The most ask the contractor to fit 12 legs too...
  8. I ordered my dining table from them last year. Winnie, the only sale person from furniture mall outlet gave me the best service and price. The rest of SA at diff outlets sucks. They delivered a clear glass top instead of a black one which I requested. But they took it back and deliver the next day (if I remember correctly). So far ok ba?
  9. Thanks to all for ur kind compliments. I used a sponge to color/stain on the planks. Have to apply several layers. You can check out Artfriend for bottles of wood color vanish in diff colors. Think 1 bottle cost less than $20 per bottle? I wanted to spray protective coat on it after the paint but the results wasn't too good. So in the end, I just left it raw (with the color). Not sure by leaving it raw and unprotected will lead to color discoloration? Cos so far I have not put anything on top except my side lamp...
  10. Simple side table but its fit my requirement... Side table pic
  11. kueh

    Curtains Help

    Arrrgh. Tried to drill holes on the wall (for the rod) then realised that cannot drill into wall cos kena beam all the way. Any solutions for me? Guess have to sell it off, such a waste to leave it lying around. Any takers? http://www.renotalk.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=20408
  12. I finally DIY my own side table cos was unable to find such a small side table for my tiny bedroom...Went to Artfriend to purchase the raw materials (wooden planks, varnish etc.). Think I spent less than $50 for both sides?
  13. kueh

    Curtains Help

    Ready made curtains are cheaper...I am DIY myself. Bought from spotlight the rods and ready made curtains from Hong Ming Shop. Much cheaper. Hong Ming Shop sell 450cm width x 229cm length curtain from S$79 onwards. Materials quite good. Definitely cheaper than spotlight. Spotlights still must sew the edges ourselves somemore.
  14. Hi Leen, Could you recommend baking ovens for baking cakes? Not looking at the high end ones but average one which can perform reasonable baking and roasting. Thanks.
  15. Thanks for the suggestion... But will the green wool + CIF 'eat' the paint? Cos when I use wet cloth to wipe away stains, there will be patches on it and its worse when I apply more strength; the paint comes off. Is this something to do with the brand of paint or all water based paint are like that?