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  1. Try before liao. Drove down to expo, so many ID, sit down talk, 5 out of 5 ask you what you want? I can only think of cheap and good at that moment All of their package is confirm fabulous and cheap and you have to sign up immediately to secure the package. Lucky I smart, I tell the ID I will definitely sign the package after his site survey and he reluctanly agreed. Went home, paid the expensive expo carpark fee. ID came my house when I gotten the key, price increased from $25K to $35k. Found a contractor from my neighbour renovation, do my own research for "what I want". Saved lots of money. Thank god. This is my personal experience. Photo is from my house, taken by my iPhone XS ^^
  2. Subcon by ID don't want to carry up the stairs only. Your friend stay at level 25? Tell ID die die also want 1 piece, if not don't pay him money. Do 1 time only house reno, do it nice nice and everyday you go home, you won't feel bad or uneasy every time you look at the glass.
  3. A 15-year-old boy, Tan Yao Bin, was apparently electrocuted and killed while having a shower on Tuesday night. He suffered cardiac arrest and despite attempts by paramedics, who administered cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), died later that night. Choose licensed electrician. Money is always secondary. Life and time with our loved one is precious.
  4. Does your walk-in wardrobe come with door or door frame? my room last time also want to do walk-in wardrobe, but no space. My master bedroom glass sliding door wardrobe only cost about half of the price.
  5. Checked with my contractor before for my parents home. Advise us to replace all the cabinet. Reason: Longer lasting, one time settle this trouble, wood inside the cabinet holding the drawing and doors probably chipped off liao, and the cost for replacement is same as "removal" work and it is more tedious. The price they charge will also include this "removal" making the overall cost higher which the boss say it is not worth. I asked for overlay, but also not possible, the drawing and door etc also need to redo.
  6. Cut off the silicon and take out the mirror. It's just hooked on. Buy a new mirror for <$80 Ikea.
  7. This is from my master bed room, we wanted the room to look big and spacious so our contractor advise us to do a settee. Our TV is wall mounted with concealed wiring. The side is settee with storage. At night can do my work on the settee. Wardrobe is done on the right side full length to the toilet.
  8. Die also don't pay them the balance. Don't let their job end here. I would say no carpenter is willingly to take up small jobs. Choosing new carpenter to take up small job is still possible, but they will mark up the price by a lot and you will have to bear with it.
  9. Ask the carpenter to replace the damaged/scratches. If they don't change for you. Don't pay them the full amount. You got the final say.
  10. After selecting a few ID. I can say that all of them asked me "What I want". When I tell them my basic concept, next they ask is what color you want and next is showing me their Many Completed jobs photos and some sample for laminate. Come on la, they could have show me the photos first. Some ID give good idea, Some ID don't even give idea. First verbal quotation from this ID was around $25k, when I finally gotten the key, ID came over to visit and quoted me again. The price shoot up to $35k for miscellaneous and some small add on. Next day when I went to the house with my wife, saw this uncle talking with my neighbour. Just casually go over to take a look. The house is already completed. Found out the uncle is a contractor, and ask him to quote me for my house. After awhile he came over, and gave me a quote around $15k for the same work that I could have given to the ID. Went back home and immediately we source for contractor instead of ID company. Well, at the end, the price from contractor are about the same. So we went back to our neighbour house and checked the work. Quality looks good and has no complain by my neighbour. We asked him down, paid him deposit. And our house is done in about 2.5weeks. Ask me to introduce friends to him, so just helping out really helping out. Also to let people in the forum know the problem i have faced. Not earning any commission or what. 40+Yrs old, Nice boss, not pushy, friendly, malaysian, registered singapore company, No GST, price is very good and negotiable. Contact: 9062 1241, Name: Ah Soon (WhatsApp,SMS,Call also can)