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  1. or any kind of like "high gloss polyurethane sealant" would it work? or tile painting. (a black glitter wall might be interesting)
  2. I was thinking of overlay but what should I do ? somekind of small 3d wall tile decor? any recommendations. i mean, vinyl stickers might work but ugly lar. unless you got nice black ones.
  3. any ideas? we didn't remove the original tile cos thought can clean. https://photos.app.goo.gl/CJCu88bUWtgnatHr7
  4. Hi, any reputable electrician to recommend. must be a gst registered company. a) my office lights (LED downlights) about 5 of them just stopped working and tripped the circuit breaker.. so probably a transformer blew up. since there are 5 of them and if you pull the casing out of the false ceiling, its going to shed alot and maybe destroy a bit of the plaster. so you better know what you're doing and prepare to patch. office is in cecil street. Please send me a quote
  5. Just had my mitsubishi starmax inverter 4split installed by these guys on friday. great job.
  6. why get a non invertor? get a 4 ticks invertor system, I think you will cover back in 10 months the extra electrical cost. my old system 4 non invertor, my electrical bill like 300/mth. after converting to mitsubishi starmex, drop to $200/mth
  7. I should think that air con ducts are something that are consdiered "high maintenance" in the long run. to conceal it where you cannot easily replace it will mean hacking and dust int he future. but then again, you are using a mitsubishi starmex which is already high energy saving so there is almost no reason to upgrade. when I bought my first aircon system 4, 3 years later I had to change cos of poor coldness, some unknown refrigerant leaks somewhere. and I changed over to a starmex, so that involved taking out the old piping altogether. furtheremore, even now, some parts of the aircon trunking experience cold spots , which leads to condensation, I sohuld think you would not want condensation in your cornice which may lead to it collapsing.
  8. you got any pictures of your place? does he properly pick out a color scheme for your place.. (as opposed to .. all white...) what do you all think about nippon painting services (those you get through homefix/selffix)?
  9. ikea dun have extensible L shape. theirs are fix 80x80x80 or 90x90x90 or 80x160 or 90x180 combos. ~~~ selffix i will check later tonight.
  10. I'm just asking the possibility of having a sliding door for the kitchen entrance, but no bottom track, just hanging off the top track. anyone see any of these for sale anywhere?
  11. I have tried homefix but they don't carry and their supplier do not supply. ikea also don't have I am looking at 80x 108 or 90 x 108, (ie: the 108 should be an extensible rod).
  12. To HDB: a) can I replace the louvred type of windows of a hdb flat toilet (master/common) to awning type? b) can I conceal the vertical pvc piping in a removable/demountable manner ? I was thinking of some means of using something like a tile backed cement aquaboard/ hardibacker board. so that the pipes are behind a false wall that can be removed on demand . c) can the hot water pipes leading from heater to the shower mixer be concealed? d) can the cold water pipes leading to the shower mixer be concealed. they are steel by the way. if they can be concealed, under what means can they be concealed? eg: encased in cement, or behind a false wall, or beneath a wall mounted cement ledge hidden from direct view yet permitting access at any time. from HDB: a) No, awning type louvre windows are not allowed. b) Yes, you can box up the soil/waste pipe. But they must be accessible for repairs or maintance work. Should the Town Council need to replace these pipes the dismantling of boxing and subsequent reinstatement are the responsibility of the lessee. c) and d) You can conceal the water service pipe (hot or cold) but it can not be laid in the floor slab. You can only laid it in the screed for the tiling. And lessee will be responsibile for any leakages arising from the concealment. For more information on renovations guidelines please visit our website hdbinforweb under renovation guidebook at hdb.gov.sg Yours sincerely, TANG CHIT HOONG HIGHER TECHNICAL OFFICER I(H&M) HOUSING ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT