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  1. Can owners complain to the property agent's company if they are super rude and so unprofessional?
  2. If tat Indian 'daughter' really sounds so mean, wonder if she will do anything if she got no choice but to sign the agreement? I mean family safety is more important than any other things, I wouldnt want to be living in fear all the time. But of course some compensation will be good if they back out.
  3. Hmm. I wonder why they want to sell such 'heavy & bulky stuffs'? Why not sell something lighter and easy and ppl might consider buying. I mean luckily they are selling big items that will cause ppl to think twice abt buying it...hahaha
  4. ssilentracer


    Maybe can try Hong Thai travel, thier service not bad and the agency is quite big. They are located at Chinatown complex, think is on the 2nd or 3rd floor where most of the travel agencies are located.
  5. I think is too expensive for a place tat small. Personally, with that kind of $$, I can go for bigger flats and higher floors. But then if you are looking at that area due to some reasons, then I think you can look around for more units around that area before you decide.