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  1. Wow! chin swee, chin swee! very swee your hse. u got very gd taste.
  2. The Millenia Walk branch's service always not bad maybe its becoz it's a high end shopping complex. But I think their food should taste the same in all branches. It's just becoz when the service is better you will feel less ripped off lah. Never tried toastbox before, are they under breadtalk? Had a bad experience with pine garden some time back. My husband bought a packet of tau sa piah from them, my son ate 2 pieces out of the 5. When my husband was abt to eat when he saw green mould inside! Break out the rest and all got mould, imagine how horrible it was! Called them abt the situation and the manager ( one mr chan) was dam arrogant and claimed that it was not their product as they are selling for a supplier. What a lame excuse! Will never patronize them again! And their 'signature' black forest cake is no big deal! I've tasted better ones. Just want to share with you guys that some small provision shop swop bread. They are always eating fresh bread themselves as they will swop their stale bread with the fresh ones. My ex maid told me coz she used to worked with a provision shop owner. I now make my own bread almost daily. It's really easy and most importantly I know what I'm eating.
  3. Not sure abt their food but I heard that they are ex. But if the taste and service is good, why not!
  4. WARNING forummers DO NOT use this caterer, Yeh Lai Siang! Used their catering service yesterday, was dam lousy. Food was cold and not nice. Told them to bring food 6.30pm and we will finish at 10.30pm but they was there at 4pm and worst changed 1 item in the menu without telling me. 8 out of the 10 dishes were horrible except for the prawns and pineapple rice. They are suppose to collect back at 10.30 as normally caterer will give you 3 hours before they collect back but this one 9.15pm come and collect liao even there was still so much food left. He start to put the food on whatever trays we have there so that he can take back his warmers. The dessert was cheng tng, we still haven't start eating yet so he simply took back the whole bucket still full of cheng tng back. Wanted to give him a good scolding but since it was a birthday party I didn't want to create a scene. So remember don't use them.
  5. Ya you are right! TCC dam ex man. Went to the Millenia walk branch 2 wks back during the F1 race with my kids, ordered drinks and cakes for 4 ppl almost 100 bucks! But the service quite good.
  6. I dun understand what's the big deal about their coffee? Why so many pple willing to pay so much for them? I think it's more like to be seen there ( youngsters like those so called hip and cool place). Their cakes and pastries are cut throat price! Kill pple put fire!
  7. How dare they said that their flats are heavily subsidized! They set the market price when pple buy and control the valuation when pple sell. What subsidy are they talking about!
  8. Hi, anyone tried Yeh Lai Siang before? pls help
  9. Wah! u spokesman for canberra pri? Although my son was from canberra, I think sembawang pri also not bad. I dun like canberra pri's teaching method, and it's like they are trying to chiong the students too much.
  10. It's real lah! u think I bluff ah. That why I must quickly shift out of this house. All type of ants also have even more termites. h4happy said got black ants, will got good job but I jobless leh though family very happy and close lah.
  11. My hse a lot of super fast black ants, red ants also have, small very fast ants and slow super small ants, big fast black ants and super big red ants. I have them all, no kidding! Even the mosquitoes here very fat and can walk, believe it? I thought my eyes were fooling me when I saw them walking on my laptop screen. I have so many types of ants means what ah?
  12. How old are your kids? when attending Pri1? There is a after sch care in blk 35X, where a few of my son's ex sch mates from canberra pri sch goes to after sch. You can arrange for sch bus to fetch them to after sch care center, very convenient.
  13. My house everyday also got black ants built nest everywhere, how come I wait and wait so long my pocket still no money leh? Haha...
  14. Wah! lucky you hor! Some parent can't get a place in the school they want they cry leh. My son P1 & P2 that time chinese is gd but P3 start to drop bcoz of the teacher. Then I get tutor to help him but no instant result lah, he managed to score A for his PSLE after 3 years of tutoring. You worry also no point coz nowadays their chinese very difficult unlike last time ours. Don't know why MOE must empathized so much on chinese! Your son now in P2 right? Chong Fu's chinese teacher should be gd right? so I think you dun have to worry lah. Last time my son in canberra , there the chinese teachers very lax one.
  15. No problem you can come and take picture. I often have pple outside my hse snapping pictures. I also have old British soldiers coming into my hse and request to take pictures coz they lived in my unit when they were station here more than 30 years ago. It used to be a nice place to live in but not anymore coz everyday lots of china and bangala will cycle pass, and they are very inconsiderate. Make noise, spit and throw rubbish and the maids here also terrible. Not an good place for local family with maid ( they will get influence easily). Also everyday this group of abt 7-8 sometimes more old folks will pass by as early as 6am ( morning exercise) they will talk very loudly. They are dam terrible, old but no brain. And now the adventure camp operator Focus is just behind my hse. They conduct courses for children and can be very noisy sometimes. Not more the old world charm that we longed for. Now that my children are older, they goes to school by themselves and it can be quite inconvenient for them as the MRT and buses are a distance away. And recently they changed the estate management, this new idiots come in only want to increase rental by more than double. Not worth it anymore!