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  1. Thanks Eric and wife for coming over to install the new fan. Love the quality of the fan and lights as compared to my current ones. Looks like I may need to replace a couple more of my old one (non FANCO) when they fail. And thanks for the repair too!
  2. Congrates on your new place! Suggest do a door at the study entrance so mroe privacy. Kitchen will be very small but fridge in it is a good idea coz service balcony after washer (and dryer maybe) will be quite pack liao.
  3. Wow....just saw the latest Sembawang EA prices from the HDB website (for new flats). I believe most of us here who got our flat this year or last year got it at a lower price.
  4. For those interested in some table tennis, there are 2 tables around here, 1 at 356A and the other at 360A. One karenfaith can peep and the other I can peep at the people playing
  5. I remember 35X but cannot recall which block exactly, think the block is near MRT one, either 356 side or the HDB branch office side...kopi can, PM you my number.
  6. Heehee...thanks to winkplay.com Yah...it was quite a scare especially we are the last few to be picked out. For me I not so worry about his results, as long as he puts in effort I am ok lah. Let him 'develop' loh...esp P1/P2 don't stress him too much first wait he lost interest. Can leh, I use it for 3 rooms and all 3 room door can close leh. My doors are original HDB ones.
  7. I know there is a childcare at my sector (35X) but not sure they have after school care boh. My son's school in Yishun, so put him in the Yishun before school care, easier for us. Wow...sounds bad sia...no wonder you want to move.
  8. Haha...we balloted and thank God we got it...an unbearable experience sitting in the hall waiting. My younger one will also get it...my older one graduate than the younger one P1 so no chance of seeing each other in school. Hahaha.... My son chinese also half past six, P1 still ok, P2 jialat liao...now so worried. Hope he buck up...sigh....
  9. More than 1/2 year liao leh...still just moved in? Kekeke... 1. The bbq pit is behind blk 469, just renovated and near the canel, sometimes got smell. 2. They just installed a new light right on top of the table, so sometimes 11.30pm ppl still playing I can hear the 'tok tok tok' from my house. 3. If your kids learn swimming at Admiralty Hill Club, can take a dip there too, got a normal pool and deep pool 4. Squash? Tennis? Wow...it's been a long time. Alternative got tennis court at SAFRA Yishun. 5. Always got 'imported hunks' playing there 6. Wow...they set up a committee for this!?!?!? Sembawang Shopping Centre suppose to open in Dec/Jan period. hope no delay. Northpoint extension should be opening this or next month. SunPlaza have improved much liao...it was worst last year. Sakae used to be a forsaken chinese restaurant (kah hiang) and Popular used to be a huge hardware shop (like the mrt ntuc mart). Pizza Hut can call 62353535...heeeheee...MOS burger there is good. I do hope some shops will make way soon (better dun mention which) for some more well know brands. Got SingPost at B1. Got bengawang, mr bean, fu hua, old chiang kee, angie, all I like Will your children be moving to schools near sembawang? Not sure about sembawang new town area but along sembawang road near the 4 petrol stations (2 opp each other) there got a lot of landed houses, lots of childcare centre (Montessori included, think for at least 1 or 2) in the area. And I mean a lot, at least 6-10.
  10. Ya...one big prob is the maintenance loh...big hse = huge maintenance work And termites is a huge problem. I try to check out CDAN when I can I just took up photography so looking for nice place to take pictures, and these old house interest me...maybe I will just take up the courage and cheong to any of them and just take...kekeke... If you go to Montreal Drive blk 506A there, i think there is a gate that leads to all those old colonial type house. I at first thought no one stays there, but is surprise to see most of it occupied and a great community there. As for amenities, Sembawang is simply too small liao, I think it's must be the smallest (or one of the smallest) town in Singapore, so amenities will be reeeeeeaaaaaaallllllllllllllll slooooooooooooooooow. 1. Don't expect more buses anytime soon, stick to MRT. 2. Sunplaza upgrade unlikely to come soon, look out for Sembawang Shopping Centre 3. Swimming pool - I doubt 4. Bicycles, just hope they don't build bicycle parking at the MRT which they are doing for Yishun MRT. 5. Sheltered walkways - let's send emails to STC/MPs....this one more likely to happen.
  11. Sorry for taking the longest time to reply It's wooden blade, not transparent and the brand is Amasco. Not too bad, so far so good. It's 52" if i remember correctly. Ya....it was left empty for sooooooo long and suddenly all taken up. The floor area in today's circumstances consider quite big liao...nowadays the new flats are even smaller. Faintz.... My unit if opp Canberra pri sch but "garden view"...wahahahaha.....but my boy not there, at Chong Fu in Yishun (where i used to stay), and younger one will not be in school till much later Canberra is using IT to teach...but me and my wife prefer Chong Fu, with deep Chinese Culture. Heehee...
  12. Heehee...paisei...have been bz with many other things...so sorry.... Think they are new so very eager loh...and not sure if the place can attract crowd boh... Where is cdan clubhouse? Hmm...also got nice dim sum? You staying at the colonial house ah...wow...how is it? Enjoy the space? Can go take picture? Not the inside lah...just the structure outside...heehee....
  13. Nope...not open to public leh...don't think Sembawang will ever get a public pool. Hahaha...
  14. Hi! Heehee....long time never log in liao. How's everyone? F1 just over, any1 catches it? How's the price for the dragon pheonix restaurant huh? Wanna go try the dim sum. The place is call Admiralty Hill Club, the road leading up to it I think is call Old Nelson Road. Got 2 restaurant. The swimming pool is run by a swimming club call LifeStyle. My son is having his lessons there every Sat. From Wellington side got a side gate can go into those colonial type housing, lots of ang mos staying there. A very nice environment. Nice big houses, but heard rental is in the range of 20K-30K per month. But most people there very friendly and they can really do garden party!
  15. Wow, you are a teacher! So is my wife. What school are you teaching? No idea, but by the looks of it, confirm better than previous 2 version of SSC. Heehee...coz Capital Land got the capital ($$$) so sure will be nice nice. And Northpoint Extension looks like going to be ready soon too. At least something to look forward to.