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  1. hi bro,

    can you kindly pm me yr contractor's number?


  2. It depends on you whether you want to engage the services of ID or the services of individual subcontractors. Usually the services of ID are more expensive than sub-contractors. However, you need time and effort to co-ordinate the sub-contractors if you decided that it is a cheaper source.
  3. It depends on what u buy lor. I have assembled the glass display by my partner and myself while the bed frame is assembled by IKEA team. So it depends on how bulky the item is.
  4. Wanted to ask do they also do deliver for plywoods? How much they charge?
  5. May i know where to get those cheap fish tank stand / holder?
  6. Anyone got any reliable HDB shop selling furniture to recommend? I am looking for simple warerobe for my secondary room with budget and hopefully the furniture can last a few years. Thanks.
  7. I dun know what u need to know about this place. So far is quite pleasant only sometimes u can hear the mrt passing by due to its quietness. If u know the short cut to MRT it wont be far. Haha u can also ask ur partner to drive u to mrt if u r lazy. Welcome to the neighbourhood.
  8. How much they charge for cutting and how much they charge for acrylic sheets? Is there any price list? Where are they located? Thanks.
  9. I think it depends on the sofa u wanted coz there will be a range. Maybe he quote u on the phone is of a different range that you wanted. Anyway u ask tell him openly why he quoted u on the phone is different when u went down to his shop. Ya i agree with others that the quality is not so bad. The price is worth the money. I can say they will try to meet our budget and our expectations unlike some high end companies which they see us that we have limited budget they will not entertain us at all.
  10. Is it better to put one "Ba Gua" mirror on top of the door if the unit is facing lift lobby? Where do I buy and initialise the mirror? How much one cost? Is there a particular date and time to put up the mirror or need a master to do it? Thanks.
  11. Yee Sin Repair & Installation Services rack not bad. I got mine installed by them.
  12. Around 200+. It depends on ur size u wan. Is best u call them.