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  1. yap yap in sept but if u have friends working in philips, they have sales for staff in march june and dec. But not sure whether they still have such benefits.
  2. Hi, any recommendation for Garment Steamer? Saw Harvey Norman sellin Novita and Princess brand. Are they good? Any other good brand?
  3. As the material is leather like, will it feel hot? There is another higher backing one is it good? Anybody tried it? Thanks
  4. Hi anyone can recommend good place to buy cheap and quality office chair for home study use? Thanks
  5. Hi anyone got lobang to buy cheap and good bean bags?
  6. Thanks everyone for the reply. I will make a trip there.
  7. So they do sell 2 to 3 pcs and cut to size to individual order? Thanks
  8. Hi, does anyone know any polycarbonate or acrylic sheet retailer? I am planning to use it as doors for my shelves. Thanks
  9. Any1 got any ideas what to do on the auspicious day n hour for dong tu? jus use hammer knock knock a bit??
  10. I found a 8.5kg one but don know if it is the same size. model: LG WFT85B31ECT
  11. For small dimensions, can check out La Germania. 3 burners just 590mm in width. U can check it out at citygas gallery.
  12. Hi anyone got good recommendations to go buy Daikin System 3 non inverter air con? java script:emoticon('', 'smid_3')
  13. Hi is lunar calendar 1st day of 8th month good for dong tu?