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  1. Hi all - I am collecting keys to my new house soon, and it comes with a separate washer and dryer. I intend to get a washer cum dryer to save some space, but I don't want to waste the original one. Anyone knows of a good place to sell it, besides Carousell? Any shops take in 'new' electrical appliances? thanks in advance for the help
  2. I like how many 1 post count people just start coming in and sing praises of their IDs. #justsaying
  3. my toilet bowl seems to choke pretty easily. Not too sure what's the problem as well
  4. just PM you. let me know if you didn't get it.
  5. Hi Roy, Gary has recently helped us with our flat in Jalan Membina. Flat has been hand-ed over, no major issues. i would say my experience was similar to dez as well, service was pretty good. Responsive, and you can always contact him. (ie: not missing in action anytime you need him) as my gf and myself have heavy work commitments, he was able and willing to work according to our schedule (ie: only weekends) and has the initiative to carry out amendments or corrective works w/o us needing to point out the defects. he didn't impose his own ideas on us, but would give suggestions to help us achieve what we wanted in the end. in terms of after sales service, not much comments (since we just hand-ed over), but i hope there's no need for such service!
  6. oh man, i missed it.anyone got a pic of the cup? can claim afterwards one a not?
  7. Hi simpleboi, thanks! i didn't get your PM, but have PM you instead. can i trouble you to PM me again? i saw the remmants from the event, but didn't attend. was the food good?
  8. hey neighbours, i'm going to install racks for my household shelter soon. can recommend some good person? or does anyone has the number of Tony? think they tore down all the adverts in the lift already. thanks in advance for the help!
  9. hihi, can i get the PM as well? thanks!
  10. hey neighbors, pop by my flat yesterday and i discovered my kitchen toilet is wet! (no one's living there, and i haven't even activate the water supply yet) i suspect there is a leak or something. Do check if yours have the same problem k!
  11. this is my first flat, so i don't know, but last time was the flats like that? or standards are slipping
  12. yah, must check! anyway, you know where to submit the defects list? is the office still below blk 27b? good to have such nice neighbors!
  13. wow, you guys are fast! so these are really defects ah...
  14. hi all, a newbie here, collected keys for my home a long time ago, 27b! a few queries, pardon me neighbors 1) i noticed that i can't plug in the normal 3 pin plugs for the power socket for the washing machine. The one at the kitchen, below the pull out racks. Is it normal? 2) the plastic cover outside the kitchen toilet, we should be able to freely open and close it is it? cos i think i need to use considerable strength to open the plastic cover for the switches and power sockets. 3) if these are defects, where should i submit the defect list, given that it's quite a long time since i collected the keys? thanks for the help in advance, paiseh for the long questions!