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  1. Moving on from my previous post on this, I asked them to requote me on some changes and they miscalculated the quotes and they took one week to give me quotations. So I didnt use them eventually. But I am still curious though.
  2. So the tiling work begins and I think it was very well done. I even looked at the spacing in between the tiles and they are really very straight. I got regular updates from my contractor and I didnt really need to go down though I still did. But I went down for only 15 minutes. And he just told me that the drawing will be out pretty soon.
  3. Hi all, just wanting to update on my experience with my renovation located near Telok Blangah. I understand that many people whom are renovating are thinking of the same question: Who is cheap and good? To be honest, I do not know as well. but I am glad I happen to chance upon my contractor and though there are not a lot of reviews online, they have been in the industry for at least 20 years and seems like they know what they are doing. Maybe online marketing is not their forte though. So I thought of setting this up and hoping to share my experience with them. I will post some pictures of whatever I can whenever I can yar? Today officially starts the demolition works with them. I bought a Re-sale 4 room. Before my renovation, I have been looking around for a Interior Designers and their prices are at least 10k different from contractors. So I decided to down it to 3 potential contractors. However, its not always about the price but I based my decision on a few factors: 1) Accommodating attitudes (my brother does windows and my uncle is an electrician and I need someone whom is willing to coordinate with them. So on my first phone call that I spoke to my contractor, he was very accommodating and I feel very comfortable and secured). He even came over to our new house a few times (though its not needed and explained to me what we are going to do over and over again though I know that to him, its a repeated process). 2) Prices of renovation. 3) Ability to reply fast as this is my first time getting a house and I know nuts about renovation. He gave me quotation within 2 days and edited further quotations within 1 day. I message him or call him at night and his reply time was always within 5 minutes. This allows me to make my decision very fast and he even explained the various differences to me. So.. here goes. we decided to do the following to our reno: Kitchen floor and wall tiles kitchen cabinet Vinyl Flooring on 3 bedrooms Build in wardrobe at main bedroom 2 toilets re-do Re-do all bedroom doors They Quoted me of 32k before electrician (3k) and eventually, I used his service to re-do all my windows (less than 4.5k). another contractor quoted me 28k and 35k. I didnt choose the 28k coz he calculated wrongly and was slow to reply. So far, he was giving very good suggestions and was very nice to me and my partner. I will post some photos in a few days time to keep everyone on the updates. Where we buy our materials Air-con --> Best Tech (I know that there are many bad reviews of aircons on Best tech but I personally bought my aircon before at Best Tech and their after service is not as bad as what they say). Best Tech offer a good reasonable price for Starmex and offer some sort of insulation from Japan that is not offered in Singapore I think. So either way, there are no good positive reviews on so many places, I decided to use my previous experience to buy Air-Con Washing machine, Fridge and TV --> Harvey Norman. They offered best price guaranteed and I bought during Black Friday. They mentioned that at any time that I went down or go to other places and saw a cheaper price, just call them and they can counter offer. And we did went to other authorized places to look for a cheaper price but cant find any. Basin, toilet accessories, Tap, Vanity, Heater and shower --> My contractor told me to go Viva Neuva and choose whatever I like and they are able to provide me with a contractor price. Went to choose and also went around Balestier to check on pricing and eventual pricing was really cheaper than other shops. Hob and Hood --> saw a Mayer store in IMM... and omg... they are cheaper than those packages that are offered at other places. at least 135sgd cheaper. Please do check them out. Ceiling Fan --> Went along Balestier and prices are almost the same. Bought Crestar eventually. For those finding fans, please do only ask those shops in the middle of Balestier. Those at the start or the end of Balestier is more expensive. Sofa and Mattress --> Bought at Xclusive behind IMM. personal friend so I have some cheaper rate. Bought a 2.6m sofa with electric recliner, half Leather for around 2k. Quite cheap I think. BedFrame --> Bought at teak wood bedframe at UNikhome. Just like the design after walking around Tan Boon liat Dining Table and cabinet --> Greys & Sanders in Tan Boon Liat. They charge 7% GST on 2019 onwards so I bought it at 2018 xmas eve. So, cheers... I will post some pictures again. Fingers crossed on my house and hope that the experience will just be better and better.
  4. Hi Got a quotation from them through facebook and the quotation was the cheapest of all that i gotten hold of. Cant find reviews of them on anywhere other than their own facebook. Anyone has any review of them? Think that their facebook has a good experience with this person called Subas. Personally tried to message him a few times and was also quite responsive at night. Anyone to advise?