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  1. Thread has been around for awhile but possible to share/pm the interior designer's contact detail. Much appreciated.
  2. Samantha Happy New Year and hope you're well. I came across your thread and was wondering if you could share the contact details of your interior designer.If it's not too troublesome could you also share some photos and the quoted price for the entire project. I've just received my keys and have to be honest that there's tons of contractors and designers in the market, and no doubt its a competitive business/market. Your info would definitely help narrow down the search. Much appreciated and hope to hear from you soon.
  3. Gerrard glad your renovation turn out well. I've just gotten my keys in the process of shortlisting interior designers and main contractors. Would you mind sharing with me his contact details. Much appreciated. Further to that, do you have some photos you could share in this thread? :)