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  1. Get the pail with the wheels and the strainer on top. I bought mine from NTUC ages ago. Use the pink sponge magic mop. Easy to squeeze water out. Standard price 10 dollars. The handle also can buy from NTUC for abt 2 dollars.
  2. An update. Went back to lorenzo but the sofa set is 2400+ now and so out of budget. Spouse didnt like colour of display set which is 1500+ so finally settled for seahorse. Cost is 1100+ but half leather only.
  3. Hi Mr Chong, My backyard and kitchen faces quite a number of corners of buildings in my development. Some people say this is bad fengshui. Is there anyway to counteract this? TIA.
  4. Found some silver coloured ones in a shop in Bedok South. How do I delete this post?
  5. Hi forummers, Can someone tell me where to buy the support ring on hob for wok and pots for an elba hob. I am using the the old hob from a resale flat and need the support rings (may not be a ring). Thanks in advance for any information given.
  6. That's a good price. I bought it at Poh Joo and they charged me $185 inclusive of gst.
  7. Vander


    Offered Simmons Backcare 3 with bedframe at 4K. The Serta Minnesota also retails at the same price. Now I am deciding between the two but never heard of the Minnesota so probably may settle for the Backcare 3. What do you all think?
  8. I think the ticks are for energy saving. 3 ticks more energy saving. 2 door hitachi fridges only got two ticks. I wanted a bigger fridge too but it is too wide and I will probably settle for a 581 model because of space.
  9. Actual day on 4th April and according to my mother it lasts for the whole month.
  10. Thank you for your replies. Went to Home2be today. The full leather sets are not exactly cheap and no one attended to us while we were walking around. Will probably settle on Lorenzo unless the offer is over by next week and then I will have to settle for the seahorse one.
  11. Considering buying Lorenzo full leather set at 2300 whereas the half leather set from Home2be or Seahorse is only 1300+. Is it worth the paying for a full leather set? Anyone bought stuff from Lorenzo before and how is their service?
  12. I also don't know which brand is better and is pretty confused as to what to buy. Mitsubishi is established but the models I can afford has a very small chiller. The lady at HN at millenia walk recommended Hitachi. I like the Hitachi anti mold magnetic seal so that it won't turn black but it has only two ticks for electricity efficiency. I am also considering the Samsung because it has 3 ticks. I still cannot make up my mind.
  13. I am a newbie here. I also need to move house during the month of Qing Ming as the lease for my rented flat is up. Can I just move some of my belongings there first and count as moving in? Hope someone who is knowledgeable in such things can advise. TIA