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  1. My brother is now trying to obtain a mortgage and he is pretty nervous about that, also he is really terrified because of the scams that are happening in that field, and he literally doesn't know what to do. He spends a lot of time on the internet searching for information that could be useful for him and for some tips as well. I am trying to find something as well, and to be honest, I found a lot of information about Loan Programs ( https://debtthatwas.com ) and honestly, this seems to be a real thing. At least my brother will get a high quality consultation, as well as some tips and advices, but I am pretty sure he will accept their offer
  2. Man, there are services that help install everything in the house that you can't do yourself.
  3. To cut it short, I think this is a question about label sticker. If we are talking about flourishing pattern, of course. The thing is that I was using them as well, but I had a big issue when I was trying to print on those stickers the information I need. You need to pick up a good labeling, I will say that choosing the tape is the most important thing when we are talking about labels or stickers. I will share with you my experience and recommend you https://www.mrdepot.ca/products/brother-dk2205-label this tape. The best labeling tape ever, that will stick for a long term and will resist to all scratches
  4. in fact there are a lot of seo tools in the internet that could help you check the ranking of your site
  5. Hello everyone! I would like to ask you if anyone of you knows what's home repair insurance and what's covered by home repair insurance.
  6. There are a lot safe places for gay people. It took a 10 minutes for me to find out a lot of stuff about gay tourism. There is a gay confession almost in every country all over the world. Gay people are not welcome in Russia and Arab countries, but it's safe for them in Europe, U.S.A, Canada, Australia and other countries with a high standard of living. Don't know, why is it so, but it is. Because it's okay to be gay. I don't understand, why is there so much hate in the world. Just read this. Gay people is normal, like all of us: https://findleapp.com/a-gay-tourists-confession-how-i-live-a-frugal-and-fabulous-life/
  7. I've been playing it a long time ago, it seems an eternity today. I had a strong character back then but lost it already. It didn't seem interesting to me anymore as the updates were destroying the game.
  8. Are you serious? You didn't heard about fake documents? Are you from Mars or something? People use fake documents everywhere. Look - just buy yourself a good printer and print something like your real ID. You will get a fake ID. Duh!
  9. Seems to me you can use "open." command, at least you can try
  10. Bought a house in 2016. It's a big house, with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, huge one. So I decided to install an Aircon. I believed so much in myself so I bought an aircon and installed it by myself and guess what? This aircon did not face the my need's. I found aircon service company for troubleshooting aircoon issue https://www.socool.sg/ they helped me out with my Aircon. Now I got hot air in winter and cool air in summer, they had upgraded my system, cleaned it and lubed, and now every year I am doing maintenance and it work's great
  11. Man, I always had a weakness for Asian girls. 2 years ago I had the chance to visit Japan. ****, there were so many beautiful women. I wish I could have married every second girl I was seeing on the streets. I tried to talk and maybe something more with a few of them but with no success. Man, if you don't know about the benefits of dating and marrying a Japanese girl, search online. Every gamer wishes that. An article about that: https://idateadvice.com/dating-japanese-women-pros-cons
  12. I didn't know they did loans either, really interesting. But I am not sure you are getting that great of a deal. Your reported revenue on IH is showing $51K over the last 30 days (and seems to be trending up). So, 5% of that is $2550. At that pace you will pay off the $22000 in about 8.5 months (or quicker if the trend continues). So your 10% fee is really equivalent to about a 24% APR. (I used a credit card interest calculator to get that figure)
  13. Hi guys. So I've started taking 1mg everyday of finasteride due to diffuse thinning, and have been on it for 5 months with no major side effects at all. I read a few posts about adding dut once a week and having excellent growth, so i've tried that now for just over a month. So 4 months just fin and 1 month of fin everyday (excluding Sunday) + dut only on every sunday. About start of month 4 I got myself a girl and things were great, sex all the time with no issues what so ever. But now i'm having trouble getting and maintaining an erection. Ive put some weight on and i thought that i could be self conscious killing my boner but im not too sure now thinking about it. I still have a desire for sex and if i'm going 'solo' i can get a half decent erection, not rock hard. I was thinking of trying viagra whenever duty called, has anyone tried this? Or should i maybe leave the dut and see how it goes? Thanks!
  14. I am sorry for you that you have such a problem, but can't you combine both of them? I am working too but it not a problem to play in a good online poker casino, when it gives me more money I don't think that I will refuse it, if your work brings good money and without casino, find a good hobby, but if you do good money, don't step back. I have about 15-17k$ per month with my salary and winnings from gamble. What about you?