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  1. Swing gate is best open outward(more space)! If authority come and disturb you, just ask them change for you. LOL(provided you don’t have CSC or TOP Cert pending with them) Sliding gate is one of the better choice( position outside) but you will need to setback from your boundary(meaning your whole front boundary must be hacked) if you position your sliding gate inside of your boundary, then part of your turfing/storage will be obstructed.
  2. Chill bro, I just joined this community only, just sharing MY own 2c opinion ? let’s just try to help everyone!
  3. Hello, I had a client who’s also had a penthouse but is level 12, he used glass for his canopy(enclosed) even if have bird it will be easier to clean compared to polycarbonate. for Heat wise both is approx the same, glass have film/vacuum/colour to reflect the infra Ray from the sun, polycarbonate have heat reflector type. The heat from the window is also a huge factor, in short, even if u insulate all corners, it will be stuffy and hot inside, unless you ON your Aircon In the afternoon( which my client did Everyday) . Even if you open your window for ventilation or level 16 your wind quite strong one, the IR will still come in and heat up your room ,
  4. Hello, for Reconstruction, new erection, LPS is required for TOP instead of CSC now. For A&A, LPS is needed if u add extension roof for CSC. basically a lot of builder can’t get the Cert because of newly enforced testing and theory.( last time have but they don’t care) 1st. Rolling sphere plan, because a lightning terminal can only protect 45degree , what happen when ppl of 1.8m height walk out of your balcony? That’s where the rolling sphere comes in 2nd. Continuity test, check all test link point is joined together as a whole system( not break anywhere) Still have some more I lazy mention this 2 more important. last time a LPS LEW cost around $800-1000 but now it cost at least $1500-2500 just for submission itself.
  5. Hello Yeo, basically termite treatment is abit bull****, they cover warrenty prevention of termite from your SOIL only. Termite only have 2 way of invading your home, first type is the flying one( fly to your balcony then shed his wing) 2nd type is the normal type, crawling type either from your LEAD IN pipe or from your neighbour roof. Your 10year warrenty does not cover this above 2. In short, just do exposed area with soil is sufficient.