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  1. I like these glass doors! It will be a pleasure to work in such an office. And we recently installed glass sliding doors in our house. This is very beautiful, but requires special care. In a house where there are small children, installing such doors is a very risky step. First, it can be dangerous because they can accidentally break them. And secondly, as we found out, children leave a lot of prints on the door, so we often have to wipe them. But we have a lot of light in the living room. By the way, recently one of the children left scratches on the door and we never found out who exactly did it. Fortunately, we know the contacts of an inexpensive service that removes scratches from glass surfaces (unscratchthesurface.com) and we called them to fix this problem. I hope it won't happen again. But we are still very pleased that we installed these doors.
  2. You should have started your own thread. Because I doubt that the OP will answer you. As for your question: well, you can try to find it in a place I usually buy stuff for growing in. Not so long ago I've bought nice grow box for beginners in this shop. Why beginner box? Well, it's nice and comfy. I grew a lot of weed by this device. I bet they have something for you. Because they have trimmers too. My friend bought one for himself last month. He doesn't have a lot of weed, that's why he took a simple one.
  3. I was searching for this information. Thank you, OP! It really is useful. If only someone can tell me, what to do with my empty wallet in addition it would be even more perfect :D
  4. There's always something wrong with these Japanese stores . This is a nightmare. I bought the same freezer on our website and do not regret it. And by the way, the price it came out even cheaper than from Japan. They have good working conditions and a huge selection, as well as highly qualified specialists. I advise you not to resort to the services of Japanese stores, and use our. I hope my comment was useful to you. Leave a link ianboer.com.au