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  1. Thanks for the reply. You can do that if your loan is with HDB. I'm on bank loan.
  2. Hi, Just a quick check. How much is it to engage a solicitor to process HDB bank loan mortgage redemption? Payment by cash only or it can be paid using CPF? Thanks.
  3. It best to show quotation but masked off the ID/contractor name. That u can compare item by item. Seriously, with 40k budget u need to sit down and consider the needs.
  4. Yes, still around cos need to run another project for my old man, searching for lobang, he got SERS so probably collecting key early next year.
  5. Full over haul of the toilets? Like the below: -hacking floor and wall tiles -supply & lay floor and wall tiles(full height, $3~$4/psf tile) -supply & install vanity top with cabinet(laminate) -supply & install shower kerb -supply & install tempered glass shower screen -supply & install stainless steel piping -supply & install toilet bowl -supply & install basin -supply & install basin tap and shower tap 2 ways -water proofing -supply & install tempered glass toilet door -supply & install toilet accessories, mirror etc -install lighting -install heater Anything i miss.... include everything above i think 20k plus is quite reasonable. PM me your contractor.
  6. My neighbor completed reno somewhere mid 2012, spent about 70k. Full overhaul.
  7. Got $$$ plus going to stay long, 5, 10 years -> major overhaul Got $$$ plus not going to stay long(rent out?) -> minimum reno Not so much $$$, on budget -> do necessity reno
  8. If got the $$$ of course can do up everything u want. If ID can do the job but at contractor pricing, everyone will be happy. Fat hope hor. My parent upgrade from 3 room to 4 room. When comparing, should always check the unit pricing not how big the house is. Example. carpentry: per foot run, flooring: per square feet, window grills: per square feet etc. Have you check how much is the hacking fee? Per square feet? 2008 my quote was $1.5/psf. I guess pretty much the same today.
  9. When i reno on 2008, there was also a slight increase of material cost about 10% to 15%, my contractor warned me to sign early with him so that he can place order sooner. For the same jobs, contractors quoted between 33k to 40k whereas ID quoted 42k to 65k. The huge difference here is that contractor quotes are generally lower than that of ID. Besides, my cousin who's in building and construction help me verified the quotes and advised that i go with a contractor. Soon, i will be sourcing for contractor(maybe ID as well) as i'll be helping my parent run their reno for their SERS new HDB. Then probably a better comparison of the pricing now and 5 years back.
  10. sorry to hear that. I think it should be option 2, sell and buy again.
  11. We all have a budget for renovation, u need to manage your needs and wants in order to keep within budget. I don't have much $$ so i go for contractor, only do my needs..... as for wants can come later when have enough saving. I spent $38k renov only, keeping the marble flooring on level 1, keeping the parquet flooring on level 2 and keeping the stair, the rest all hacked. Besides, another $7k for furnishing. Total 45k. In a few years time, i will probably do up the study room(carpentry work, cabinet, shelves, tables. etc) when my kids are older, can;t do it now cos they tends to break things at home.
  12. My parents 3 room HDB is already 45 years old, never change wiring before and still going strong. If not for the SERS, they will live there for good. They will only move out to new unit next year. The new HDB with conceal wiring uses double run, even better than those old HDB. For my EM, I add on never do rewiring, only cost me $1.2k for kitchen re-run(cos hack whole kitchen), 4 scv pt, 1 tel pt. 1 heater pt, 24 lighting pt with 3 new pt and 13 new sockets. Oh... it is direct quote from electrician. Your call.
  13. 4 years back my FSM charge 788 for EM, not sure about the price now.
  14. This is what i knew, whether bank loan or HDB loan it all depends on your income and age. Go apply for HLE first, that will give u a gauge on how much your can loan.
  15. Nothing much u can do about it, unless u want to forfeit sales transaction and lose $ and risk being sue. Your 53k COV is just about market rate. Since u r not brother by the spirits thingy, just move on, look at the bright side, enjoy the reno and enjoy your stay. Maybe after MOP, u can sell for a profit too....