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  1. Recent review of the vendors and contractors we used. It was really tough looking out for an ID, we have spent weeks and days going to 6-8 different renovation firms, and usually they quote us $30k-$35k for our project. We then scrolled through the forum and asked for a few contacts from fellow members here, and talked to 4-5 contractors/IDs before deciding on one. Mainly due to the price quoted to us at only around $27k and the contractor was very responsive, we liked him and decided to go with him. His firm is also one of those rare few ones whom offer bank loan as well as in-house loan, but we didn't take it up as we figure out we could save on the interest rates. Renovation started in December 2019 and finished in February 2020. 1) ID/contractor: Wee 8826 9848 He was recommended to us through one of the forum recommendations. The main downside with the contractor is that he needs a high and timely upfront payment, probably because his prices are lower than ID firms. The good thing about Wee is that he is really proactive in our renovation works, suggesting the different layout we should get and what are the things we should do to save more space. We didn't have to chase him since he was proactive, so the whole renovation didn't really get much delayed, except due to Public holidays and Chinese New Year. Me and my hubby is satisfied with his workmanship and because he uses his own factory to do carpentry works, we really have a much simpler time coordinating. We didn't really get him to design anything, but he still provide us with 3D rendering as well as VR view according to our plans prior to start of renovation. For the price, I think it all depends on how much you are doing, as prices are different if you do it ala carte after your whole reno. First, consider all quotations and services offered from the contractors/IDs and then narrow down to 2 to 3 of them that you prefer to work with. Then decide if you need any changes (for example, we asked the ID to remove the electrical works as we got someone else to do, among other things), then ask them to redo the quotations and try to give discounts. See their second quotations for any discounts or if you're lucky and good at negotiating, you can get some goodwill discounts or freebies. 2) Moving services: 4D movers We got 2 lorry to do our moving. Very good service and affordable. $250 per 14ft lorry. They provided boxes and masking tapes. Just have to return the boxes once you unpacked. 3) Aircon installation: Jex Aircon For us, we sourced our own aircon contractor also by the recommendation from fellow members here. Gotten Daikin system 4 at around $4000. 4) Bomb Shelter Racks: from Racks.sg We chose full metal instead of partial wood ones as wood might rot faster than the metal take to rust. 5) Hood, Hob, water heater, and dryer from Rinnai. Look out for city gas promotion and you can get them at a steal at less than $2000 We decided on using instant gas heater instead of storage ones as the time of water heating for storage heater will take quite a while - about 20 to 30 minutes if I recalled properly. Whereas, instant water heater will take up to 2mins max for hot water to flow out. 6) Lights & fans: through taobao and Qoo10 We gotten the smart lights from both taobao and Qoo10, our lights are now functioned by google home and also some through Mihome app. 7) Curtains & bedsheets and cutleries: Akemuichi We went to both outlets at IMM and JB(paradigm mall) to look out for the series that we wanted. Curtains design are not very much left as they are cutting on rolling out curtains in their product series. We gotten the ones just to black out our master bedroom. Their bedsheets are one of the most comfortable ones I've seen, and it's also value for money. Akemuichi(JB) has great range of cutleries, their design looks just as nice as Crates & Barrels but at a cheaper price. 8 )Furniture: Full House We gotten both our sofa and dining table set from them as we wanted to ensure the quality instead of getting them from taobao. Total damage about $1800 9 ) Fridge: Carousell Hubby was scrolling through carousell 1 day and he chanced upon a brand new fridge. It was a Hitachi one with black frame and touchscreen, did a quick search on harvey norman online store and find that a similar one cost almost $1,700. We got it at $700 and $80 delivery fee as we needed manpower to move it. 10) Washing Machine: Harvey Norman They were running a sale, and we managed to get a 8L electrolux one at just around $700 PS: not very good with photography, so I'll just attach a 3D render pic of the design we had.
  2. Agreed! But not all ids are transparent in pricing, and some can pretty much go MIA if we keep asking questions when they don't earn anything yet or about to cfm the project.